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National Curriculum Secondary Assessment Materials

Created on 16 November 2017 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 17 May 2019 by ncetm_administrator

Secondary Assessment Materials

The secondary Assessment Materials will support you and your colleagues in assessing students at KS3. They will enable you to make judgements on the degree to which students have mastered various components of the KS3 maths curriculum. This document follows the success of the primary Mastery Materials, published in 2015 and downloaded more than 1.3 million times in the first 19 months. The structure and layout is intended to be similar.

These materials offer examples of questions, tasks and activities mapped against the key mathematical skills and concepts within the KS3 Programme of Study. They may support both teaching and assessment. The activities offered are not intended to address every single statement in the National Curriculum. Rather, they attempt to highlight the key themes and big ideas.

You might also like to read this paper which takes a broader view of core themes of teaching for mastery in the secondary school context.

Please note: the link on this page takes you to a new version (November 2017) of the materials, which differ only slightly from the previous version (October 2017). The majority of changes in the new version are in formatting and style. The only maths-related changes are (i) on p7, where 10n has been changed to 10n; (ii) on p19, where the distance/time graph, and associated questions, have been changed; and (iii) on p9, where the wording of the second prime factorisation statement has been altered.



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12 July 2018 10:48
Great stuff. Can't wait to get cracking with these. I've learnt so much more since moving out of the classroom and becoming a tutor.. You have sure helped me improve my subject knowledge and become a better teacher. 1,000 thx
By Quisza
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28 June 2018 13:56
Hi, Can you please add links to the answers of mastery materials.

By wvora1
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11 December 2017 16:37
I shall certainly be incorporating much of this material at KS3. The overall quality appears very good. I find the linking of the tasks to KS3 concepts particularly valuable.Thank you.
By MrsSewell
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