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Previous NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat 2013-2017

Created on 20 April 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 30 April 2018 by ncetm_administrator

NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat - summaries of previous discussions, 2013-2017

Here is a listing of all discussions, 2013-2017. The discussion summaries were all originally created using the online tool, Storify, which is no longer in operation. Shortly before Storify was taken out of service, we extracted each summary as a PDF document, embedded in the links below.

Click the headings to sort the columns in ascending or descending order

Date Discussion topic
2013-07-16160713 What maths-specific activities (if any) could teachers spend some holiday time on?
2013-07-22220713 How can maths teachers ensure some professional learning becomes part of their weekly (or even daily) routine?
2013-09-03030913 What actions, consuming not too much time, could we take this week that might make a big difference to our maths teaching this term?
2013-09-10100913 Lesson starters
2013-09-17170913 Improving pupils’ maths experience at the primary-secondary transition
2013-09-24240913 What are the key expectations, priorities and concerns for maths (including primary) trainee teachers at the outset of their programme?
2013-10-01011013 Early entry for GCSE maths: pragmatism or folly?
2013-10-08081013 What classroom activities and CPD approaches work best with less mathematically able pupils?
2013-10-15151013 What can we do in and out of maths lessons to challenge negative attitudes to maths?
2013-10-22221013 Which mathematical misconceptions (among pupils) are most likely to catch new teachers unawares?
2013-10-29291013 How to foster a culture of collaborative learning in maths classes
2013-11-05051113 How do you use technology to help maths learning in primary classrooms?
2013-11-12121113 How can we help pupils ‘get’ fractions? What has worked for you?
2013-11-19191113 Differentiation: how to keep all kids in a class working at an appropriate level (without planning 3 different lessons)
2013-11-26261113 Maths resources you can touch and manipulate: what enhances, engages and works for you?
2013-12-03031213 International rankings: what do they mean for classroom teachers?
2013-12-10101213 What would make the perfect system of CPD for you?
2013-12-17171213 Keeping maths learning as purposeful as possible in the Christmas run-up
2014-01-07070114 Schemes of Work models: do they matter in maths? Linear versus modular? And what about spiral? Discuss!
2014-01-14140114 How can we use the element of surprise in maths lessons (for all ages)?
2014-01-21210114 How do you challenge students in mathematics lessons?
2014-01-28280114 Is Further Maths A level just for students with an A* at GCSE Maths?
2014-02-04040214 GCSE Revision: Are we really serving our students’ interests by exam question-drilling?
2014-02-11110214 Enhancing teachers’ maths subject knowledge, from traineeship onwards: room for improvement?
2014-02-18180214 Calculators: ideas for using them in a way that enhances pupils’ mathematical understanding?
2014-02-25250214 What approaches to self or peer assessment in maths lessons work best?
2014-03-04040314 Marking strategies in maths: what works for you? And the students, too?
2014-03-11110314 How do you enrich KS2 lessons on 2D and 3D shapes, including prompting discussion?
2014-03-18180314 Maths hubs: thirty, new regionally-based maths hubs are to be established to coordinate maths-education in schools and colleges across England. The NCETM will answer your questions about this development
2014-03-25250314 How do we ensure that ‘low ability’ pupils make good progress during their time in school?
2014-04-01010414 How can we use humour in maths lessons?
2014-04-08080414 Open Mic Night. Free rein for all and sundry to grab #mathscpdchat and take it in any (mathematical) direction and see what happens
2014-04-15150414 A BCME8 special
2014-04-22220414 A chance for those at BCME8 last week to share best resource/website/idea/maths nugget with those not there
2014-04-29290414 How helpful are KS2 SATS scores for Secondary teachers? What score leads to a GCSE ‘C’?
2014-05-06060514 How can we help improve students' abilities to REMEMBER maths facts?
2014-05-13130514 Making science, technology and engineering (the other three quarters of STEM) meaningful in the maths classroom
2014-05-20200514 How much can or should we help year 11s with ‘last minute’ support/guidance before GCSE exams?
2014-06-03030614 What's the best way to use the last half term for Year 10s?
2014-06-10100614 What is the role of mathematics education research in the teaching classroom?
2014-06-17170614 What are the elements of good mathematical task design?
2014-06-24240614 Maths transition ideas for yr6 to yr7...what do you do and how?
2014-07-01010714 Effective ways to help students become skilled problem-solvers? A discussion to un-pick what teaching problem-solving really means for the classroom
2014-07-08080714 Maths Hubs: a chance for hub lead schools to share, and be questioned on, their aims and partnership plans
2014-07-15150714 Holidays beckon. But what maths-specific activities (if any) could teachers spend some summer holiday time on?
2014-09-02020914 Dyscalculia: practical strategies to help pupils with dyscalculia in mainstream classrooms
2014-09-09090914 Lesson starters
2014-09-16160914 How best to use Teaching Assistants in maths classrooms
2014-09-23230914 The mastery principle: what it means for maths
2014-09-30300914 How to get pupils to develop their maths reasoning skills in maths lessons
2014-10-07071014 Strategies to help bridge the gap (for students) between GCSE and A level
2014-10-14141014 How to support pupils with poor literacy through worded problems
2014-10-21211014 What does problem-solving really mean in classrooms?
2014-10-28281014 Open house for maths education chat
2014-11-04041114 How to stretch and challenge without accelerating up the 'levels'
2014-11-11111114 Making maths interventions for primary pupils work
2014-11-18181114 Trainee and NQT teachers: which technology can really aid learning in a maths classroom? And how?
2014-11-25251114 Making algebra mean something to students not likely to go on to A level maths
2014-12-02021214 The imminent announcement of the Edublog Awards winners has provoked a flurry of suggestions of good maths blogs. What maths blog would you recommend, and why?
2014-12-09091214 Mathematical misconceptions
2014-12-16161214 Christmas presents with a mathematical flavour: all ideas welcome
2015-01-06060115 Strategies to help pupils learn/recall/work-out times table facts
2015-01-13130115 Teaching (all types of) maths in FE sector, including independent learning providers
2015-01-20200115 Pupil misconceptions in maths; how best to tackle them
2015-01-27270115 Post-mock GCSE help for Year 11s: what works best for which students?
2015-02-03030215 ‘Must have’ resources items and displays for a maths classroom. What should no maths classroom be without?
2015-02-10100215 What are the top 3 things a secondary maths department should be actively doing now in preparation for next year?
2015-02-24240215 Using art and other visual images to help maths learning
2015-03-03030315 Using TAs in maths lessons (building on this article)
2015-03-10100315 How do we best help the GCSE Grade B students make a start with AS/A level maths?
2015-03-17170315 How do you know if a student has really ‘got’ fractions?
2015-03-24240315 Should we do more to help more girls do A level maths? If so, how? (Here’s some background reading)
2015-04-21210415 Numeracy across the curriculum — how maths learning can help, or complement, other subjects
2015-04-28280415 Year 6 SATs: what widely applicable, generic maths skills should Year 6 pupils have to help them for KS2 tests?
2015-05-05050515 Various Topics: teaching ideas, networking, maths apps for teachers and students
2015-05-19190515 Year 6 maths lessons post SATS: how best to use the time, with secondary school in mind?
2015-06-02020615 Making maths more attractive to FE students/learners: what works?
2015-06-09090615 Games to enhance number recall: which ones really do help?
2015-06-16160615 What kinds of feedback to pupils inspires their learning?
2015-06-23230615 Problem-solving: what are 'good' problems? Where can you find them?
2015-06-30300615 Developing pupils' perseverance in maths
2015-07-07070715 New GCSE sample questions
2015-07-14140715 What will be your priorities in the new school year (2015-16)?
2015-09-08080915 How do you demonstrate to your pupils (in a maths context) that you have a personal love of learning, as well as of teaching?
2015-09-15150915 What expectations are you communicating to Y10 as they start on the new GCSE course?
2015-09-22220915 What kinds of provision/instructions/materials/resources do you leave for the 'cover teacher' when you have to be away from your maths classes?
2015-09-29290915 Anxiety about maths: How do you spot it? How do you address it?
2015-10-06061015 Testing pupils: Do you do it? If so, how and why?
2015-10-13131015 Textbooks: How do they help you as a teacher?
2015-10-20201015 Helping slower pupils keep up with the rest of the class: what works for you?
2015-11-03031115 Planning collaboratively with other teachers: how do you do it?
2015-11-10101115 Intelligent practice: what is it? How do you ensure that pupils do it?
2015-11-17171115 Mental imagery: how does it help maths learning? And how can we help pupils use it?
2015-11-24241115 What is a rich mathematical task? Or does the richness come from how it's used?
2015-12-01011215 How best to help pupils consolidate their mathematical learning?
2015-12-08081215 How to make good use of the new Wild Maths site created by NRICH?
2015-12-15151215 Christmas puzzles: can they help pupils develop problem-solving resilience?
2016-01-05050116 What would be your choice of chat topics for the rest of this term? Why?
2016-01-12120116 Mathematics classrooms (1): what ideally should they be like? What should they contain? Resources? Furniture? Arrangement? Why?
2016-01-19190116 Memorising mathematical facts: strategies to help students remember what they have learnt
2016-01-26260116 Mathematics classrooms (2): discussion of issues raised by photos of people's classrooms taken as result of the previous chat on 12 January
2016-02-02020216 Mathematics CPD: what types of professional development provision have really helped you?
2016-02-09090216 Venn diagrams: the versatile use of them for almost all maths topics for all ages and abilities
2016-02-23230216 Teaching proof: how to help students in the whole 11 - 16 age-range understand and use the aspects of proof that are exemplified in the new GCSE specifications?
2016-03-01010316 How can you prevent pupils from developing 'algebra-aversion' - at any stage?
2016-03-08080316 Keeping a whole class working on the same topic: reasonable aim? If so, how?
2016-03-15150316 Pupils' exercise books: how do your pupils use them? Is this productive?
2016-03-22220316 Reasoning: what do your pupils find it hard/easy to reason about? Tasks and strategies to help them?
2016-04-12120416 The (new) KS1/2 SATs: have you changed your maths teaching to match? If so, how and why?
2016-04-19190416 Gauging deep mathematical understanding at KS2: new demand or fad?
2016-04-26260416 GCSE revision: is it really necessary? How much do you help them do it?
2016-05-03030516 The new maths GCSE: Is it a good fit for all Year 10 pupils?
2016-05-10100516 Marking A-Level students' work: different to marking at lower levels? If so how and why?
2016-05-17170516 'Meaningful' mathematics: what does it mean for school maths to have meaning? Does school maths have to have meaning?
2016-05-24240516 Don Steward's resources: which ones have you used? How have your pupils responded to them?
2016-06-07070616 Beginning and sustaining collaborative work with colleagues on teaching and learning maths
2016-06-14140616 Manipulatives: which do you use (with primary OR secondary pupils)? How do you use them? Which pupils benefit most? How and why?
2016-06-21210616 A ‘Celebrate the Teaching of Maths’ Day!
2016-06-28280616 Pictorial representations: which do you use, for which concepts? Why? Which are most effective? Any barriers to you using them?
2016-07-05050716 Proposed A level specification and assessment changes: what do you think?
2016-07-12120716 Exploring tasks on NRICH that are intended for KS3 pupils
2016-07-19190716 What one article (or book) would maths teachers enjoy reading during the summer break? Why?
2016-09-06060916 Habits I want my maths class to be in by half term
2016-09-13130916 What did you learn from this year’s maths GCSE results?
2016-09-20200916 Variation in maths teaching: what do we understand by this?
2016-09-27270916 Y7 pupils: how do you build on where they are in their learning when they arrive?
2016-10-04041016 Are any behavioural problems unique to maths lessons? If so, how to address them?
2016-10-11111016 New GCSE topics: how are you and your pupils getting on with them?
2016-10-18181016 Intervention to support learning: do you do it? And if so, how?
2016-11-01011116 What (reasonable) objectives are we setting for our maths classes between now and Christmas?
2016-11-08081116 Maths learning in Reception and Year One: how much, how soon? (This follows the publication of the Teaching Schools Council report, Effective Primary Teaching Practice)
2016-11-15151116 Tasks that engage pupils in constructing reasoned arguments: which work well?
2016-11-22221116 How do YOU use rich tasks for learning A-Level mathematics, or hope they are used?
2016-11-29291116 What do we mean by 'problem-solving' in Key Stage 2? Which tasks do the job?
2016-12-06061216 Resources for Higher GCSE: which ones are helping your pupils most? How?
2016-12-13131216 Year 7: how to establish, and then build on, what they really can do, in an engaging way?
2017-01-03030117 Have you resolved to do anything differently (in your teaching!) in 2017? Why? Future #mathscpdchat topic suggestions too please!
2017-01-10100117 Key Stage 4 pupils who are struggling towards Foundation level GCSE: effective strategies, materials, tasks and resources?
2017-01-17170117 How to introduce reasoning to Year 1 and Year 2 pupils?
2017-01-24240117 Manipulatives/concrete resources in secondary schools: do you use them? What for?
2017-01-31310117 Mock exams for the new GCSE: what have you learnt from marking them?
2017-02-07070217 Making the best use of computing in learning mathematics joint discussion with Computing at School (@cas_london_crc).
2017-02-21210217 Pupils' use of mathematical language: what are the issues? (see Using Correct Mathematical Language from Issue 140 of our Secondary Magazine for background information). A summary of this discussion isn't available for reasons beyond our control
2017-02-28280217 Do you plan lessons collaboratively, in pairs or as a team? If so, how best to organise it? See new NCETM Case Study, new Charlie Stripp blog, and guest blog from a Secondary School Head of Maths. A summary of this discussion isn't available for reasons beyond our control
2017-03-07070317 Setting for maths in Secondary schools: are your pupils grouped by perceived ability? If so, when, how and why?
2017-03-14140317 Grouping by perceived ability for maths in Primary schools. Your school's practice? Why and how?
2017-03-21210317 Group work in maths lessons: what kinds of task really aid learning?
2017-03-28280317 Growth mindset for maths? Are you a convert? How have you got the message across?
2017-04-25250417 What strategies really encourage girls to study Maths and Further Maths at AS/A level?
2017-05-02020517 Schemes of Learning (Work) in secondary schools: what is useful in them, what is not so useful? Hosted by @mhorley. A summary of this discussion isn't available for reasons beyond our control
2017-05-09090517 What topics work well in Year 7, and in what order? Hosted by @mathsjem. A summary of this discussion isn't available for reasons beyond our control
2017-05-16160517 'Last minute' GCSE revision ideas, particularly in the nonspecific area of 'problem-solving'. Hosted by @mathsmumof2
2017-05-23230517 Multiplication/division facts: helping pupils learn, remember, understand and use their times tables. Hosted by @mrmarchayes
2017-06-06060617 Leading a mathematics department in a secondary school: essential personal qualities and responsibilities? Hosted by @MrMattock
2017-06-13130617 Maths homework: what types of task work for what age groups and/or attainment levels? Hosted by @MrBenWard
2017-06-20200617 Feedback to pupils: what are effective and efficient ways to provide it? Do you need to spend hours marking? (suggested pre-reading from our latest Secondary Magazine - you'll need to be logged in to read this). Hosted by @mhorley
2017-06-27270617 Planning ahead for the next school year: what are you doing this term? Hosted by @fractionfanatic
2017-07-04040717 Having seen this year's GCSE exam papers, what will be your priorities in teaching KS4 next year? Hosted by @DrBennison
2017-07-11110717 What are your favourite visual images to use in mathematics? How do they aid pupils' understanding? Hosted by MrMarcHayes
2017-07-18180717 What is the best thing that happened to you in your teaching this year? (hosted by @RJS2212)
2017-09-12120917 GCSE results: how did they match up with your expectations? (hosted by @MrMattock)
2017-09-19190917 Newly qualified primary (and secondary) teachers: how will you support them? (hosted by @MrMarcHayes)
2017-09-26260917 GCSE levels necessary for students to join AS/A level Maths courses? Hosted by @RBeckett_Yd (see also Charlie Stripp's blog on this subject)
2017-10-03031017 Introducing pupils to trigonometry: how do you do it? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2017-10-10101017 'Knowledge organisers' for maths: are they helpful, and if so for what topics, and what is a good format? Hosted by @mrsdenyer
2017-10-17171017 Engaging parents in maths: effective strategies? Hosted by @Mroberts90Matt
2017-10-31311017 CPD for this year: how to make it really ‘continuing’? Hosted by @RBeckett_Yd
2017-11-07071117 Problem-solving: what is, and what isn’t a ‘problem’? Hosted by @MrMattock
2017-11-14141117 What is the point in (and how best to approach) teaching quadratic equations? Hosted by @Arithmaticks
2017-11-21211117 Using books, other than textbooks, to promote learning? Any place for stories, novels or non-fiction in maths lessons? Hosted by @martynyeouk
2017-11-21281117 Further Maths: what topic-order and topic-structure best supports learning? Hosted by @MrsMathematica
2017-12-05051217 Pupils who 'switch off' from maths when/after moving to secondary school: how do we improve their confidence, motivation and future outcomes? Hosted by @HelmeRachel
2017-12-12121217 Maths tricks: can they ever be justified without understanding? Hinder learning? How? Hosted by @RBeckett_Yd
2017-12-19191217 End-of-term lessons! Which have worked well for you? Or are 'novelty-lessons' a waste of time? Hosted by @Arithmaticks


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