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Primary Magazine - Issue 104

Created on 25 September 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 26 September 2018 by ncetm_administrator


Primary Magazine Issue 104'Autumn vibes' by JOnah Pettrich (adapted), in the public domain

Welcome to the first edition of the NCETM’s Primary Magazine of the new year, and a special welcome to all those NQTs and trainee teachers picking up their first classes. The Primary Magazine aims to feature excellence in mathematics teaching in all its forms, as well as keeping you updated with NCETM’s work and the work of the national network of locally-based Maths Hubs – which is the first place to look for excellent professional development opportunities. Look out for the magazine in your inbox every half term.

In this edition we take a look at ‘subitising’, a skill that is presently getting a lot of attention in Early Years, but relevant to teachers of all ages. And we are also sharing the delight of some of the schools that are seeing results-based success that they are attributing to a teaching for mastery approach to mathematics. As a third, new feature, we will be signposting an article from our Secondary Magazine, that may be of relevance or interest to primary teachers.

Don't forget: all previous issues are available in the Archive.

This issue's featured articles

1/2 x 1/3 = 6, image from article“Subitising”: developing a sense for number in Early Years
We talk to Viv Lloyd, the NCETM’s Assistant Director for Early Years, about what ‘subitising’ is, why it is important, and why it is making an appearance in the new pilot Early Learning Goals.

'Weathered books' by Syd Wachs (adapted), in the public domainSchools on Teaching for Mastery Programme report rising attainment
Although teaching for mastery is not yet sufficiently widespread in Y6 classes to have shown an effect in national SATs data this year, individual schools that have been using the approach for a few years are starting to share very encouraging results stories.

'Weathered books' by Syd Wachs (adapted), in the public domainSetting for maths in secondary schools: can it work with mastery?
More and more primary schools are rethinking the practice of grouping children (in tables or classes) by their prior attainment. But how can teaching for mastery work in secondary schools where ‘setting’ is more entrenched? One of our Secondary Mastery Specialists explains how it works at her school, from Issue 148 of our Secondary Magazine.

And here are some other things for your attention:

Image credits
Page header by Jonah Pettrich (adapted), in the public domain



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