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How Early Years children develop mathematical thinking

Created on 23 November 2018 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 23 November 2018 by ncetm_administrator

How Early Years children develop mathematical thinking

How do young children (Reception age and below) develop their early mathematical thinking? How do those teaching them help the children build a platform of understanding? And where does maths fit in to the wider picture of childhood development? Two experts in the field explain.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Dr Sue Gifford, Mathematics Education Department, Roehampton University
  • Viv Lloyd, NCETM Assistant Director, Primary and Early Years Mathematics
  • Steve McCormack, NCETM Communications Director

This podcast complements the information on Early Years maths on our website.

Episode chapters

07:48 - Comparison
10:38 - Cardinality
14:18 - Subitising
18:38 - Conservation
20:38 - Composition
24:18 - Pattern
26:28 - Shape and Space
27:53 - Measures
31:38 - Where maths fits in with other early learning

You may also be interested in this article on subitising, from a recent issue of the NCETM Primary Magazine.

Information on Maths Hubs work in the area of Early Years maths.



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16 December 2018 09:15
I am very surprised that the importance of using concrete manipulatives has not been mentioned in this podcast as a way of supporting children in their conceptual learning, creating deep understanding.
By ellen2700
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09 December 2018 09:10
Thank you very much for this podcast. Very interesting to listen to and really useful to share with my different workgroups.
By JayneyC
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27 November 2018 06:27
Very interesting and informative, enjoyed listening to you.
By Alison2016
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