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Primary maths teaching in Shanghai: an exchange teacher’s view

Created on 08 January 2019 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 10 January 2019 by ncetm_administrator

Primary maths teaching in Shanghai: an exchange teacher’s view

How does maths teaching in a primary school in Shanghai look and feel to an experienced observing teacher from an English school? A Mastery Specialist from Leicestershire, who was among a group of teachers from Maths Hubs who visited Shanghai during school year 2018/19, gives her impressions.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Afshah Deen, Primary Mastery Specialist and Year 2 teacher at Parkland Primary School, Wigston, Leicestershire
  • Chris Shore, Maths Hub Lead, East Midlands South Maths Hub
  • Steve McCormack, NCETM Communications Director

Episode chapters

  • 03:29 – Afshah’s overview of the experience
  • 06:36 – What impressed Afshah most
  • 07:17 – What surprised Afshah
  • 09:04 – A lesson on properties of 3-D shapes
  • 10:10 – Thoughts on small steps within lessons
  • 12:02 – Fluency of the Shanghai pupils
  • 13:16 – Shanghai teachers’ planning and discussions
  • 17:42 – How the experience has affected Afshah as a teacher
  • 18:58 – The wider context of teacher exchanges over the year
  • 24:19 – How ‘greater depth’ is viewed in Shanghai
  • 27:43 – Afshah’s role in her area as a Mastery Specialist 

Information on where showcase lessons are being held in late January 2019.



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