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Podcasts, features and blogs

Created on 12 August 2019 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 16 December 2019 by ncetm_administrator

Podcasts, features and blogs

If you would like to know more about teaching for mastery taking place in schools around the country, you can find out here. We have collated a selection of features that give you an insight into how mastery is benefiting teachers and students across England.

The information here reflects the variety of experiences and opinions of teachers and professionals involved in teaching for mastery. It will enable you to get a feel for some of the principles, materials and approaches. If you want to know more about the research behind teaching for mastery, visit our page of Supporting Research, Evidence and Argument.


Features and articles

Two teachers from a primary school on the Mastery Readiness Programme explain why they are no longer grouping by prior attainment, and what this has done for their pupils.

Whatever their context, Outstanding primary schools can deliver maths through teaching for mastery. Find out how three schools do it, and why Ofsted liked what they saw in maths lessons.

St Andrew’s Church School in Bath tried out our Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials. Find out what they thought about them.

We round up some of the social media buzz around teaching for mastery. See how working with Maths Hubs and introducing teaching for mastery has benefited these primary schools.

At Lammack Primary School in Blackburn, the primary professional development materials are supporting teachers’ subject knowledge and lesson planning. Hear how they are using them.

Discover how teachers and schools are finding ways to challenge pupils who quickly pick up the mathematical concept being taught in a lesson.


Our director Charlie Stripp explores approaches to differentiation, defines a ‘mastery’ approach, and talks about the England China exchange.

Charlie blogs about the importance of believing that everyone can do maths and the need for a growth mindset in teaching for mastery.


Features and articles

Do your students know that, for any two numbers, there’s always a unique third number that links them multiplicatively?

Algebra tiles can be moved around to represent ‘completing the square’ – particularly with students familiar with area models of multiplication from KS3.

One secondary school in London employed a primary teacher to teach maths. Find out why and what the benefits have been.

‘It’s about getting students to notice what’s the same and what’s different.’ Discover how one secondary maths teacher now uses variation theory in her teaching.

A secondary school in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, is introducing teaching for mastery. Find out how their journey starts.

A few months on, Secondary Mastery Specialist Wendy Smith reflects on how her school in Bridlington is tackling the challenges of introducing teaching for mastery.

A Secondary Mastery Specialist tells us how classes of students with different prior attainment can all access the same maths.

What exactly does teaching for mastery look like in secondary schools? We explore some of the ideas, and find out what Secondary Mastery Specialists are learning about, ready to support others.


Our director Charlie Stripp explores the importance of believing that everyone can do maths and the need for a growth mindset in teaching for mastery.

Charlie gives his initial thoughts around teaching for mastery in secondary schools, and highlights a number of useful books, blogs and articles on the subject of teaching and learning maths.





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