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Working with the materials

Created on 10 October 2019 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 28 January 2020 by ncetm_administrator

Working with the materials

Teachers have begun using the Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials to plan lessons, choose resources to use, and improve their own subject knowledge.

In each of the snippets below, a teacher describes how they have used the materials in their own schools and classrooms, and in collaborative development work with colleagues. And they tell us how it’s going...

Sally Barker
Backbone for a scheme of work
Jonathan East
Greater depth with numbers to 20
Jennie Forde
Understanding the small steps
Kate Mole
Collaborative teacher development
Kate Henshall
Filling gaps in learning
Verna-Jean Gervais
Providing representations and variation
Charlotte Acheson
Better subject and pedagogical knowledge
Kathryn McGregor
Confidence in Year 1 addition

These videos can be downloaded direct from Vimeo.

All the Primary Professional Development Materials can be downloaded for free.

We’ve also created a 12 minute Getting Started video. 

You can share your experiences of the materials by using #MasteryMaterials on social media.



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22 April 2020 08:16
elizabeth.bonnelykke - our work on a document linking the materials to the National Curriculum has been put back a little due to the school closures situation. However we still aim to have it available by the end of the summer term.
21 April 2020 13:27
Is there an update on the links to the National Curriculum? My school is using them and I am concerned that some coverage is in different year groups. TIA
30 January 2020 00:23
Thank you so much, thats really helped me
By klawl1sc
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28 January 2020 09:26
Hi klawl1sc - we've added a download link for you.
27 January 2020 18:49
Is it possible to download the videos in the "working with the Materials" section? I want to use them in a school as PD and not sure about internet connections so would be really helpful to have a copy on my laptop
By klawl1sc
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12 November 2019 08:42
Hi Jane - we are working on a document that will help schools link the professional development materials to the National Curriculum. We hope to publish this by early next summer (2020).
10 November 2019 15:45
silly question time - are they mapped to the NC? I am using them quite heavily at the moment and they are excellent - but a bit worried about knowing if I will cover what I need to cover by the end of the year if I stick to following and doing the small steps recomended in the guides all year through
By Jane_Taft
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