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Curriculum planning and professional development support for secondary teachers

Created on 29 April 2020 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 29 April 2020 by ncetm_administrator


Curriculum planning and professional development support for secondary teachers

The summer term is usually a time of curriculum review and planning. We know that some teachers will be spending time during school closure with curriculum planning, and also thinking of students that have missed a chunk of their schooling.

Some teachers may also be engaging with their own professional development independently, or be able to collaborate with colleagues online.

This page points to provision for both, for KS3 through our recently-published Mastery Professional Development Materials, and for KS4 and KS5, through the extensive online material provided by our partners at MEI.

The NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials (KS3)

collage of NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials

Our Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials were published in September 2019. You may not have had time to look at them yet, but they are perfect for both CPD and planning a coherently sequenced curriculum. However, they are large documents, so we have also provided some wrap-around material to help you get started, and to exemplify how you might use them.

Divided into six themes, the KS3 curriculum is carefully broken down so that new concepts build on prior learning and connections are made across topics. There is guidance on related material from KS2 and future learning in KS4. Each of the six themes…

  1. The structure of the number system
  2. Operating on a number
  3. Multiplicative reasoning
  4. Sequences and graphs
  5. Statistics and probability
  6. Geometry

…has detailed guidance documents including ideas for the classroom with pedagogical explanations and professional development prompts alongside.

There is also a section Using mathematical representations in Key Stage 3 which addresses use of visual and physical representations in secondary school. It includes helpful guidance documents and explainer videos for bar models, algebra tiles, Cuisenaire® rods and double number lines, amongst others.

What are the materials?

This article introducing the materials gives you a whistle-stop tour.

Two students and teacher in classroom. One student holding Cuisenaire rods and asking 'Sir, what are these sticks for?'

Where to start


Professional Development for teaching KS4 and KS5

Our partners at MEI have long been providing CPD online – both On Demand (short pre-recorded videos with associated materials) and Live Online courses. They also have videos covering a range of topics and themes that can support teachers’ development in GCSE and post-16 teaching.

We are creating more material to support professional development using our materials. We will add it to this page as it becomes available.




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