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Primary video tips

Created on 30 April 2020 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 12 May 2020 by ncetm_administrator

Primary video tips


Here we bring together video tips for parents from the NCETM’s Primary Director, Debbie Morgan and Primary Mastery Specialist teachers from around the country.

Introduction to Numberblocks on CBeebies

The NCETM’s Primary Director, Debbie Morgan, explains the powerful link between Numberblocks and children’s early mathematical understanding. Debbie also gives some pointers to how parents might use Numberblocks with children.

Numberblocks episode The Whole of Me

The NCETM’s Director for Primary, Debbie Morgan, draws out the early maths understanding contained in the Numberblocks episode, The Whole of Me. The Numberblocks programmes are aimed at children aged between four and seven. Debbie was part of the team behind the programmes.

Times table practice

A glimpse at how primary teacher Nicol Winfield, from Wyndham Primary Academy in Derby, guides a pupil through the seven times table, pointing out the mathematical structure as she goes along.

Mrs Winfield's times tables on a broomstick

Primary teacher Nicol Winfield shows how parents can use a broomstick to help children practice their times-tables. NB: The Counting stick: parent tips video gives more tips on using a broomstick like this, and how this fits in with what children learn at school.

Counting stick: parent tips

Tips from primary teachers on how to use a counting stick to help children learn and practise their times tables. N.B.: watch together with the Mrs Winfield’s times tables on a broomstick video.




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