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Thinking Through Mathematics - the resource

Created on 15 September 2007 by admin2
Updated on 30 October 2015 by ncetm_administrator

Thinking Through Mathematics coverThis very useful and substantial resource was originally developed and published as part of the Maths4Life project through the NRDC as part of the Skills for Life Strategy. Thinking Through Mathematics is particularly aimed at teachers and trainers in adult numeracy in Post-16 LSC-funded provision, to fulfil a need for professional development in active learning approaches.
The NRDC project was funded to publish sufficient copies of Thinking Through Mathematics in 2007 to cover distribution to the estimated number of mathematics/numeracy staff in colleges and other further education LSC-funded organisations.

The NCETM took over the distribution of the remaining files until this was complete. No further copies are available. However the NCETM continues to receive requests and an online version of Thinking Through Mathematics is now available.

We also urge those organisations and individuals who have a copy of Thinking Through Mathematics to share this with colleagues within their organisations and to consider doing this via their college or organisation intranet where this is available, using the CD-ROM provided in the resource file.

For further ideas on teaching, planning, activities, resources and pedagogical and practical issues following the Thinking Through Mathematics approaches please use

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17 March 2010 10:46
In the original pack there are a brilliant couple of sections on 'Choosing the correct operation to perform: 1 & 2'. The discussion and poster work from these has been brilliant every time I have used them. Are they available online?
By annecarlill
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03 March 2010 15:30
Some sections Cotswoldliz are here: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/reflective-learning/ttm/resource-bank
By MarkH
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09 February 2010 11:14
In the original ringbinder there was an excellent section of decimals. Is this available anywhere?
By Cotswoldliz
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18 January 2010 20:02
Good news! Not sure why, but anyone following the Resources route may not have discovered that the on line version of Thinking Through Mathematics is now available at https://www.ncetm.org.uk/reflective-learning/ttm
By RaySutton
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11 June 2009 09:05
Unfortunately we have now exhausted our supply the Thinking Through Mathematics resource packs and there are no plans to produce more at this time. However we are working to make as much of the material available online as we can (subject to licensing agreements). You can still access all related numeracy materials at www.ncetm.org.uk/numeracy
09 June 2009 15:41
hi, is this resource going to be re-printed?
By Paneet
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26 March 2008 10:49
Thank you for your positive comment re Thinking Through Mathematics.

This is a resource particularly aimed at teachers and trainers in adult numeracy in Post-16 LSC funded provision, to fulfill a need for professional development in active learning approaches for mathematics as part of the national Skills for Life strategy. Present funding does not currently allow this to be extended to schools, though we are exploring with the DIUS the possibility of making some of the material available online.

However many of the related publications, such as the Maths4Life booklets on Number, Fractions, Time and Money, Measurement and Topic Based Teaching, will be available for download from the NCETM portal by the end of March 08.

The related publication that you may find useful is ‘Improving learning in mathematics’ which is the resource on which ‘Thinking Through Mathematics’ was based. This can be ordered from https://www.ncetm.org.uk/Default.aspx?page=13&module=res&mode=100&resid=1442

By vivbrown
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18 March 2008 14:56
Seriously, it would be great to ahve them available to schools...please? Really useful materials
By jennie
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28 November 2007 10:04
When will these resources be available to Secondary Schools?
By RickCannings
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