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East Midlands Summer Conferences

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 18 October 2007 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 18 June 2009 by ncetm_administrator

The East Midlands region held two Summer Conferences, these took place on 5th July 2007 at Barnsdale Hall, Oakham and on 12th July 2007 at Colwick Hall, Nottingham. 


The East Midlands Conferences in July 2007 were held to get groups of teachers from all sectors together. One of the main purposes was to offer an opportunity to teachers and others involved in mathematics education to lead workshops. Another main purpose was to link teachers with a mutual interest in a particular idea arising from a workshop that they attended.

The two venues were chosen so that teachers from across the East Midlands region could choose the one that was nearest to where they either worked or lived. Both days were planned to make the same offer, as far as possible, to all delegates regardless of the venue chosen.

The invitation to schools offered funded places to two teachers from any institution.

We are contacting the teachers who agreed to do some further work together to find out how their work is progressing.

If you have any queries about any of the items posted here, please contact the regional coordinator barbara.linton@ncetm.org.uk 

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Click on the appropriate date to view the programme from the day.

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Starter Activity - Getting People Talking!

We used Paul Ginnis’ ‘Murder Game’ as the first activity at both of the Regional Conferences. Cards (download) are dealt out. Each has 2-5 cards. Information on cards can only be shared verbally. The ‘purpose’ (download) is to find out who was murdered; who is the murderer; where and when was the murder committed and what the murder weapon was. The game provides delegates, who, in the main, do not know each other, with an opportunity to talk with a common purpose, enjoy the task and begin to feel at ease with each other. When we’d solved the crime, we discussed the benefits of such an activity.

We decided upon the following advantages:
  • Full participation
  • A willingness to share knowledge and ideas
  • Summarising where we are up to
  • Reporting back to the whole group
  • Importance of teamwork
  • Keeping in mind the ‘big picture’
  • Everyone listening to each other
  • Common goal
  • Joint discussion
  • Examining evidence
  • Ability and opportunity to speak

We looked at how we could use this sort of activity to encourage discussion within our school/college. We decided on a few points:

  • A clear ‘topic’ or purpose for the meeting
  • A clear agenda with no hidden ‘agenda’ that could stifle open discussion
  • Sharing of information, knowledge and ideas with the group
  • Knowing where to find out information not held by members of the group (eg. books, experts)
  • All members of the group have equal status for discussion purposes
  • Ideas can be discussed without being judged right/wrong

Please consider this resource if you have an opportunity to promote discussion with a group of colleagues. Let us know whether you found it helpful.

Acknowledgements to 'The Teacher's Toolkit' by Paul Ginnis. The extracts (downloads) have been reproduced by permission of Crown House Publishing (www.crownhouse.co.uk)

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Conference Workshops

Click here to download the 'Making Connections' flyer which provides details of the workshops provided.

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Powerpoint Presentations

Click below to view the presenter's powerpoint presentations from the conferences.

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