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This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 20 June 2006 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 03 September 2007 by ncetm_administrator

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http://www.mathsphere.co.uk/resources/MathSphereFr eeResourcesBoardgames.htm

MathSphere provides a wide range of free resources, including software and a collection of board, counter and dice games which can be printed out in colour and laminated, making a long lasting resource.

Their aim is teachers and parents. Why not write a blog on how these have worked for you?

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29 June 2006 14:46
What a fabulous site. It's lovely to be able to comment on products at this level.
Mathsphere is just the greatest! We have been using their material for years and the children and staff love it. My confidence has increased and so has that of the children. First there were the worksheets (All Figured Out, I think it's called) with absolutely complete coverage of the Strategy for primary schools and now they have followed this with the Interactive CDs covering most of the Calculations section. It's difficult to drag the children away at the end of a session. We also took advantage of the Free CDs for parents offer (Year 2) when you buy one of their packages. I think the parents will be coming back for more next year!!!
By Parisa
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28 June 2006 13:27
We recently bought the Calculations CDs and they are great - the children love them. They cover the calculations section of the N.S. really well and hold the children's interest throughout the session. Excellent value - can't wait until they produce other stuff along the same lines.
By JohnP
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28 June 2006 09:10
We have used the All Figured Out CD for some time now and this is great because of the amazing coverage of the Numeracy Strategy (Almost every paragraph is covered). Can anyone give me some information about the Interactive Calculations CDs? Thanks.
By Leonard
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27 June 2006 21:52
I have used this for some years - good free stuff and CDs are great value. As a special needs teacher I find the "all figured out" especially good as it caters for all levels.
By Maryann
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