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The Potential of ICT in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Conference - 12th March 2008

Created on 10 April 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 05 December 2013 by ncetm_administrator
The Potential of ICT in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Conference  
The Potential of ICT in Mathematics Teaching and Learning Conference
This national NCETM event took place on Wednesday 12th March 2008 in London and showcased the work of teachers using ICT in mathematics and explored the potential of ICT to raise standards, widen access to mathematical ideas, expand opportunities and narrow the gap in achievement across mathematics. 

Teaching with ICT is a complex yet inspirational challenge

For anyone that has ever used ICT effectively in the classroom to support pupils’ learning, they will know the power of technology to open young people’s minds to the fascination and inspiration of mathematics. 

This first NCETM national conference on ‘The Potential of ICT in Mathematics Teaching and Learning’ gave everyone attending the insight for planning the next stage. 

Take the time to find out more detail on the aspect that interests you.

Adrian Oldknow, Chaired the conference, click here to read his report which provides useful context for the conference.  In addition, click here to read Adrian's Becta report.

The Key note speeches and presentations offered a variety of perspectives:

Professor Celia Hoyles, Director, National Centre for the Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics, opened the conference by asking “ How can ICT enable the mathematical potential of all learners to be realised”.  Click here to read the article.
The Rt. Hon. Jim Knight MP, Minister of State for Schools and Learners wants teachers to “Use ICT to enthuse more students to learn more mathematics.”  Click here to read the article.
Dr Jeremy Roschelle, Director of the Center for Technology in Learning, SRI International, California reminded us that “Teacher Leaders can make it happen”. Click here to read the article.
Professor Hilary Povey, Sheffield Hallam University,  asked us to think about “what we valued re pupils learning mathematics?”. Click here to read the article.
Peter Hamilton, Head of Education, Intel IT Innovation Centre, reminded us that “The use of powerful tools is only limited by the imagination.”. Click here to read the article.

Throughout the workshops there was plenty of inspiration whatever your phase, role in mathematics education and experience in using ICT to teach mathematics effectively.  There were: 

Links between the mathematical themes and the use of ICT:
MiGen Project: Intelligent support for Mathematical Generalisation.
Working with 3D Geometry Software in KS3 & 4. 
Embedding Technology in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms – Resources and Support Provided by the Mathematics Subject Associations.
Effective use of “The Geometer’s Sketchpad”. 
Collaborative Practice in Developing ICT Geometry Pedagogy.

Ideas about developing access to web-based and other ICT  materials:
Mediating Web-based Rich Tasks.  
Using ICT to Develop Mathematical Skills in the Primary Schools and Early Years Settings.  
Real and Relevant Problem Solving. 
The Use of ICT (spreadsheets) in Mathematics in KS2 & 3.
Researching How to Make the Most of Technology. 

Clearly defined opportunities and ideas for further professional development: 
ICT in Maths, by Schools, for Schools, SSAT projects.  
Enabling Enhanced Mathematics Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards (Secondary). 
Professional Development Using Online Support, Utilising Rich Mathematical Tasks.
Uses of ICT to Facilitate Collaborative Approaches to Teaching and Learning Mathematics across the curriculum.  
Bowland Maths – Teaching Real Problem Solving in KS3.  
Making Differences to Learning – Realising the Potential of Digital Resources at KS3. 
Supporting Professional Development in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom Using a Multimedia Resource.

A look into future ways to improve mathematical understanding:
The New Secondary Curriculum:  Opportunities for Using ICT to do Mathematics.
Evaluating the Impact of TI-Nspire on Teachers’ Practices and the Associated Students’ Learning within Secondary Mathematics Classrooms.
Using videoconferencing as an Educational Medium. 
Reconstructing School geometry: What Can We Learn from Research on Teacher use of Dynamic Geometry in Classroom Practice?
Escape from Coursework – Mobile Technology and Controlled Assignments in GCSE Mathematics.

Difficult and complex messages to take on board:
The Problematic Nature of Teacher development:  Specifically the Effective use of the Interactive Whiteboard. 
Professional Development Starters

The Exhibitors were a combination of leading providers of ICT software, associations that support teachers’ professional development in the use of ICT to teach mathematics and The QCA which is aiming to ‘… develop a modern, world-class curriculum that will inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for the future.’
View a summary of the exhibitors
Read the conference report by Adrian Oldknow
Teachers who attended the conference were asked to sumbit reports, click below to view the reports:
 Report by Dr Cosette Crisan, Newman College of HE (now Newman University)
 Report by Dr Declan O'Reilly, University of Sheffield
 Guidelines on using Graphics Calculators to teach Mathematics, Dr O'Reilly
 Report by Ewa Lucas Gardiner, Fellow of The College of Teachers
 Report by Kenneth Ruthven, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
 Report by Liz Bills, Janet Ainsley & Kirsty Wilson
Join in discussions about using ICT in the mathematics classroom

Make a comment and give us your feedback about how you use ICT in the mathematics classroom. 

Join in and be part of finding the solutions for the future to give greater access to and engagement with mathematics across all phases of education.

Support Professional Development in your School by using NCETM conference microsites


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