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Teachers Talking Theory: In Action

Created on 07 May 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 25 September 2013 by ncetm_administrator

Teachers Talking Theory

Teachers Talking Theory: In Action is a set of professional development resources which comprise of video clips and associated activities. The materials can stimulate discussion and experimentation and are designed to be used in many different scenarios.

There is a tendency for people to think that theories about teaching and learning in mathematics are only devised and written about by academics in order to produce articles in research journals. However, most of us have issues we are interested in or things we are experimenting with in our classroom. All of us have theories and principles and these come across in the actions we take in our classrooms and in the way we work with our learners. Sometimes we are not even aware of these until an observer points out to us what we say and what we do. This is “theory in action”.

This unique and innovative professional development resource comprises a series of video reflections from teachers together with some clips of their practice.
Their purpose is to stimulate discussion and experimentation, not to provide answers about what is right or wrong.

The video clips and associated printed resources are designed to be used in many different scenarios (individually, in pairs or small groups or as a whole department, faculty or primary school staff).

There has been no attempt to designate the clips as only relevant to a particular phase or type of school, college or other institution. The power of these resources is that they provide a very accessible way of hearing practising teachers articulate some of the big ideas and over-arching themes in mathematics education in their own classroom-centred way.

Each resource comprises a video clip, files of printed materials (which might be used to support some activity or talking point) and a set of prompts for discussion.

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A Mathemapedia entry has now been written relating to each of these teachers’ video resources. Follow one of the links here or in the relevant teachers’ section on the right hand side of the page to provide further discussion points as well as links to other related Mathemapedia entries.

 Encouraging deep mathematical thinking
 Students feeling positive about their learning
 Students in control of their own learning
 Developing a mental image of the number line
 Reading word problems for mearning
 Working towards efficiency in problem solving
 The use of stories to stimulate problem solving in young children

Find out more about ways of working with these materials with other colleagues  

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In Action
James Knightbridge, Blandford School
Sue Briggs, The Castle School
Tom Rainbow, Ivybridge Community College
Debbie Weible, Oldway Primary School
Chris Slaughter, Kingsbridge Primary School
Tim Browse, Teyfant Community School
Sue Rayner, Yeo Moor Infants School


The importance of considering actions in word problems


The importance of children drawing their own pictures 


Mathematics as a creative discipline


Encouraging rich child-initiated activity


Students feeling positive about how they learn


Children making their own decisions when solving problems


Questioning to encourage deep mathematical thinking


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14 October 2008 10:51
Interesting session on this in Birmingham at the NCETM conference. Will look forward to watching the other videos and gaining ideas.
By nmason
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20 August 2008 10:32
Thank you for your comments. The NCETM Web Portal team are now working on video and PDF downloads to enhance this resource for our portal users. They will be available here soon.
29 July 2008 09:26
I agree 100% with Malcolm - is there any way we can save them to use with groups of tecahers where you don't necessarily have internet access?
By nickm314
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17 July 2008 14:18
I have taken the opportunity to look through these videos. They are really very good. They show perceptive and thoughtful teachers who are willing to try interesting ideas to further their children's mathematical awareness and development. I would like to have used some of these for training that I will be doing next year in my capacity as a Teaching and Learning Consultant. Unfortunately the videos do not appear to be saveable and I will have to log on to the internet as long as it is up and running! Well done to all involved in the production of these videos. I was also impressed by the back-up materials. The download on the children's different versions of problem solving (using various pictorial and other aids) was a revelation and would keep a group of teachers actively engaged for a long time investigating the way that the children think when they try to answer problems.
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