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Secondary Magazine - Issue 11: An idea for the classroom

This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.
Created on 02 June 2008 by ncetm_administrator
Updated on 05 June 2008 by ncetm_administrator

Secondary Magazine

Welcome to Issue 11 of the NCETM Secondary Magazine. Discover our fortnightly features - some regulars and some new. Why not add your comments to the portal or recommend some articles? This issue, An idea for the classroom features a linear relationship match activity.
An Idea for the Classroom – Something to Try with Your Learners
Activity: Linear Relationship Match

This is a task which could be used to support learning in the Year 7 Algebra 4 module.  Students will need to consider a logical approach and make connections between multiple representations of similar linear relationships.

Prompts and Probing Questions
There are seven relationships that are represented as:
• a graph;
• a worded rule;
• an algebraic relationship between x and y;
• a table of values.

Give students one of the forms of representation of all the equations, but NOT the worded representations.  Ask students what the cards show?

Introduce a second representation.  What do these cards show?  Is there a link between these cards and the other cards?  Do any match?

Introduce a third representation.  Does this help?

Introduce the fourth set of cards.

The choice of order of representation to reveal is crucial to defining the level of this task.  Give out the graphical representation first - if you want a difficult problem.  The worded set might be the easiest.

Can students fill in the missing card in each representation with a common relationship?

Key Processes
Representing - Choosing between representations
Reasoning - Making connections

Resource Sheets
Click here to download
pupil resource sheet

Click here to download
answer sheet

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02 June 2009 12:31
I liked the activity. I did it with some top year 7s who coped well with everything except the table. I'll definietly use it again. Any chance of making the numbers on the axes a bit bigger? They're really hard to read and I'm an ageing teacher whose eyesight is not what it used to be. Good for discussion. Thank you.
By DavidPayne
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07 June 2008 10:15
Perhaps when you produce these classroom ideas you ought to consider also providing interactive whiteboard versions as well (for eg Promethean and Smart) so that these versions can be used to help with the discussion that follows the pupil activity. It saves everyone from having to spend time creating similar resources - wasting lots of time nationally.
By Davem
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