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Annual Conference Workshops

NCETM Annual Conference 2008 - London, 17th June 2008
This was a memorable day packed full of positive ideas and strategies focused on improving mathematics teaching and learning for all. The Conference featured the launch of both the Primary Mathematics Review and the NCETM Annual Report.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop 1

Workshop Topic NCETM project Raising and Improving Standards in Mathematics Through Active Learning (All Key Stages)
Workshop Leader Jim Noonan, Portsmouth LA   
Outline This flagship NCETM-funded research project works on schools delivering programmes of self-improvement across their mathematics teaching through the coaching of key teachers.
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Workshop 2

Workshop Topic Bowland Mathematics
Workshop Leader Quentin Thompson, Bowland  
Outline This session explores the series of case studies and the package of CPD modules that the Bowland Trust has been developing, designed to make maths more appealing to KS3 students and to help deliver the 'Concepts' and 'Processes' aspects of the new KS3 curriculum.
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Workshop 3

Workshop Topic Enhancing professional development for primary teachers of mathematics
Workshop Leader Alison Brunt, NCETM
Outline Building on the survey carried out by the National Centre to support the Williams Review, this workshop explores the professional development needs of primary teachers of mathematics and identifies initiatives and support that can enhance their development.
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Workshop 4

Workshop Topic Professional development journey for secondary mathematics teachers
Workshop Leader Mark McCourt, NCETM
Outline A review of the activity created by the National Centre to support the professional development of secondary mathematics teachers including an overview of research, resources and projects.

Workshop 5

Workshop Topic Mathematics Matters
Workshop Leader Dr Malcolm Swan, University of Nottingham
Outline An overview of the findings of the national survey instigated by the National Centre to identify what makes effective mathematics teaching.
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