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This section contains a collection of articles, including case studies, reports, and the individual articles that go on to make up the NCETM online magazines.

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  NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm
Information about NCETM Twitter chats #mathscpdchat, including links to previous chats, and details of how you can take part.
20 April 2018 09:21 by ncetm_administrator viewed 54951 times

  Teaching for Mastery in Maths: Opportunities for Primary Schools 2018-2019
The 35 Maths Hubs across England (co-ordinated by NCETM) are seeking to recruit primary schools to take part in a year-long programme of professional development designed to support schools in implementing a teaching for mastery...
19 April 2018 15:41 by ncetm_administrator viewed 2760 times

  Maths Hubs Live Briefing
The live briefing area for the Maths Hubs Leadership and Management Community
19 April 2018 13:39 by ncetm_administrator viewed 1224 times

  NCETM Newsletter Archive
Read the full archive of NCETM Newsletters here - either within the website, or download as a PDF document.
18 April 2018 13:49 by ncetm_administrator viewed 4230 times

  Revision classes for SATs: a good use of time? #mathscpdchat
Revision classes for SATs: a good use of time? Hosted by @martynyeouk (17 April 2018).
18 April 2018 08:58 by ncetm_administrator viewed 177 times

  Mastery Magnified - school case studies
Summary page for case studies supporting teaching for mastery.
17 April 2018 09:59 by ncetm_administrator viewed 14591 times

  Gap tasks: maximising the impact of Work Groups
Work Groups enable the spread of the principles and practices of teaching for mastery through primary schools across the country. With 140 already up and running, hundreds of teachers are now experiencing this unique and...
16 April 2018 15:22 by ncetm_administrator viewed 127 times

  National Curriculum: Fractions Ratio and Proportion - Year 6 - Video
National Curriculum Ratio and Proportion Year 6 Video
12 April 2018 11:49 by ncetm_administrator viewed 1408 times

  Number, Addition and Subtraction
Number, Addition and Subtraction
29 March 2018 10:50 by ncetm_administrator viewed 48841 times

  What is the best way to plan a maths lesson? #mathscpdchat
What is the best way to plan a maths lesson? Hosted by @MrsMathematica (27 March 2018).
28 March 2018 08:51 by ncetm_administrator viewed 471 times

1 to 10 of 4060
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