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This page has been archived. The content was correct at the time of original publication, but is no longer updated.

secondary magazine

issue 4
Secondary Magazine issue 4
This week we feature a mathematics teacher with an unusual hobby - a passion for sausages.  Our Professional Development module prompts your department to consider the options available for your 14-19 Mathematics curriculum and we explore Murderous Mathematics activities.
Unusual Hobbies - meet the Sausage King
Everyone needs a hobby, not least a mathematics teacher. One mathematics teacher from Suffolk has certainly got an unusual hobby - when Stephen Plume is not teaching at Stradbroke Business & Enterprise College he leads a double life as the UK’s leading sausage expert.

In 2001 Stephen was frustrated with the lack of reliable sausages available from his local butcher and set up www.sausagefans.com  to use the power of the internet to get and share recommendations for shops and recipes.

Following coverage on ITV, Stephen’s sausage website became an overnight success now getting millions of visits a year. As a result of his status in the meat and livestock world, Stephen regularly appears on TV, radio and in the press. Recently he appeared on the BBC children’s TV programme Best of Friends as 'The Sausage King'.

Inspired by TV series The Long Way Down, in the Easter holidays Stephen will start a journey around Britain’s top sausage shops travelling on a small, low-carbon footprint, motorbike. During the course of his journey he will meet butchers, make sausages and talk to sausage lovers at food festivals and farmer’s markets. You can follow his journey at www.sausageking.co.uk.

Stephen has also written some free mathematics revision courses for KS3 and KS4 and you can access these via www.resources-online.com.
Secondary Focus - The NCETM provides a round up of all news related to the new secondary curriculum  
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