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Mathematics Teaching Self-evaluation Tools

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Send to printer For the following questions, select the statement which most accurately matches your level of confidence (1 is not confident and 4 is very confident) or choose from the alternatives detailed in the question. You do not have to answer all questions. Your answers will be saved so you can exit and come back to your self-evaluation at any time. Click Save and Results to view the next steps for questions you have answered.
1. 1. How confident are you that you are familiar with
      1 2 3 4  
a. a. the teaching strategies that lead to successful mathematical learning?
2. 2. How confident are you that you know how and when it is appropriate to:
      1 2 3 4  
a. a. demonstrate, model and explain mathematical ideas?
b. b. use whole class discussion?
c. c. use open questions with more than one possible answer to challenge children and encourage them to think?
d. d. use higher order or more demanding questions to encourage children to explain, analyse and synthesise?
e. e. intervene in the independent work of an individual or group?
f. f. summarise and review the learning points in a lesson or sequence of lessons?