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Creativity and Critical Thinking : Early Years : Mathematics-specific Pedagogy

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Early Years
Creativity and Critical Thinking
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1. How confident are you provide open-ended activities in a mathematically rich learning environment?

a. Making connections


Creativity in maths is about developing an idea and connecting it to others. Adults have a critical role to play in promoting creativity in maths. Creative learning helps children see the world in a different ways and to make links between what they discover and what they already know. For example, a child playing with small-world frogs discovers when you spread the frogs out there’s still the same number as when they were in a group – they use their counting skills to check. The child will still need to test this hypothesis in a range of situations: Will it hold true if there are more frogs? And if it works with frogs, will it work with cars or counters? Eventually the child will arrive at an understanding of the conservation of number (such as knowing that 5 counters close together have the same number property as 5 counters spread out).

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