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Selecting and using resources for learning : Adult learning : Mathematics-specific Pedagogy

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Adult learning
Selecting and using resources for learning
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1. How confident are you that you are familiar with a range of equipment and practical resources to support mathematics teaching and learning, such as:

a. structural approaches and other models for teaching work on number?


To support understanding of the number system, it is useful to have a counting stick, a number line on the wall and a 100-square. Adults may need to use simple structural apparatus of various types, depending on their level of attainment. Counters, Cuisenaire rods, multilink cubes and bead strings can be helpful. Place value cards showing the place value of individual digits, and how two- and three- digit numbers can be partitioned into hundred, tens and units, are useful.

At a later stage, a place value chart can be used to build and partition larger numbers and decimals, while base-10 blocks provide a physical representation of these numbers.

Coins can be used to assist with work on handling money and as another form of number apparatus. For higher attaining learners, some foreign currency may be useful for work on converting from one unit to another.

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