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Mathematics Teaching Self-evaluation Tools

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Send to printer Here you can see a summary of the areas in which you are confident and those in which you are less confident; there are some ideas and suggestions which may help you in your professional learning.

Mathematical processes and applications

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Numbers and the number system

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Numbers and the number system

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  1. explain and illustrate the definitions of natural number, integer, directed number, rational number, irrational number, surd and real number?(show/hide all)
  2. explain why sometimes only a fraction, surd or irrational number can express an exact answer?(show/hide all)
  3. multiple, common multiple and least (lowest) common multiple(show/hide all)
  4. factor, common factor and highest common factor?(show/hide all)
  5. prime factor decomposition?(show/hide all)
  6. squares and square roots (including negative square roots), and their index notation?(show/hide all)
  7. cubes and cube roots, and their index notation?(show/hide all)
  8. negative and fractional index notation?(show/hide all)
  9. index laws for multiplication and division of integer powers?(show/hide all)
  10. the special case of index 0?(show/hide all)
  11. how to represent a number in standard form?(show/hide all)
  12. how to calculate using numbers in standard form using real-life examples?(show/hide all)
  13. the relationship between fractions and recurring and terminating decimals?(show/hide all)
  14. which fractions produce terminating decimals?(show/hide all)
  15. how to convert a recurring decimal into a rational fraction?(show/hide all)
  16. truncation on a calculator?(show/hide all)

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