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Mathematics Teaching Self-evaluation Tools

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Send to printer Here you can see a summary of the areas in which you are confident and those in which you are less confident; there are some ideas and suggestions which may help you in your professional learning.

Algebra and Functions

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Coordinate Geometry in the (x,y) plane

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Sequences and Series

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Exponentials and Logarithms

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Algebra and Functions


PD Opportunities

Teaching Advanced Mathematics
Teaching OCR Additional Mathematics
Subject Coaching Networks


FE and HE forum – using graphics calculators


Professional learning: Cashing in at the ATM conference


Improving Learning in mathematics
Risps: Rich starting points for A level Mathematics
A Level Maths


Mathematical vocabulary
Expressing Generality




ThinkQuest Algebra
MathsNet C1
MathsNet C2
Maths Centre Algebra
MathsCentre Functions and graphs
Exploring functions

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