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Username : Elizabeth_Lambert
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Joined : 18 February 2015
Interests : As the youngest of five children, my own father encouraged me to constantly ask questions and I believe it was this curious disposition that led me to love mathematics.

Whilst studying for my degree, my youngest daughter did not start with emergent writing, but with emergent maths, as she would copy the many pages of algebraic expressions that littered the table as I struggled to make connections and come up with a proof or generalisation. Even now as I approach a roundabout I think of the lines that are drawn across the road to encourage us to slow down – a mathematical model that I did not pursue for my final dissertation – I chose rather to create an expression that provided a thrower with the optimum angle to throw a haggis. My husband, with a ‘haggis’ (bag of flour with the approximate weight of a haggis) spent many attempts to put my equations into practice! A task that hasn’t been repeated with any other objects I hasten to add.

My family play an important part in my life and have supported and joined me, as I have embraced my career in education.

Teaching maths is one of the most satisfying things that I have ever done, to adults and children alike. I have been privileged to teach in all year groups and have been an AST in maths and ICT, a maths subject leader, lead consultant for maths across Leicester and a deputy head. In addition, I taught maths to the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT trainee teachers. In all my roles and more recently as a headteacher, I have sought to inspire others to love maths and for staff to work collaboratively to improve their practice; to ensure that all pupils acquire an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, just as the national curriculum envisioned.

I believe maths is not about the answer to a problem more about the journey to solve it; enjoying and appreciating all the steps along the way.

Maths mastery is such an exciting approach – to enable all children -and adults- to be successful and really understand why (and why not) things work and that is why my career choice is now to support the NCETM as an Assistant Director (Primary), to develop this approach across the country; to support teachers to become curious and to want to learn from each other to improve their practice.

I want to be part of the culture that creates the next generation that wouldn’t dream of saying ‘I can’t do maths’, because they have the mindset that if they can’t do it - ‘yet’ is followed closely behind.
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