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Username : heidi_whitney
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Joined : 25 January 2008
Interests : I joined the NCETM as Senior Regional Lead in June 2018. There are two key aspects to my Regional Lead role:

-to act as the principal NCETM link to the Maths Hub leadership and management teams in the region, supporting, equipping and enabling them to fulfil their role

-to work with key regional stakeholders, and representatives of national government programmes supporting mathematics and STEM more widely, to develop and support the implementation of a coherent strategy for mathematics school improvement in the region

The regions are aligned with Teaching School and RSC regions. My region is the South-East England and South London.

I have a lifelong passion for mathematics and nearly twenty-five years’ experience of teaching and advising on mathematics in KS1 to 5. Over this time, I have actively sought opportunities to develop my expertise to improve the quality of mathematics learning. Central to this has been my involvement with the NCETM. Initially as a Professional Development Lead and member of the Jurassic Maths Hub steering group. More recently leading the PD Lead programme in Dorset and developing Mastery across the Hub as Primary Mastery Lead.

As a Mathematics Advisor I have enjoyed developing representations and structures in primary and secondary schools. Initially I was interested in ensuring a deep and lasting understanding for pupils who enter KS3 below level 3 but I quickly recognised the potential for all children at all Key Stages. I led a Collaborative Continuity Project funded by the NCETM involving one first (year 2), one primary (year 6) and one secondary school (year 7). I used a teacher research group to focus on improving understanding of fraction using Cuisenaire rods and through representing mathematics effectively (based on ‘Mathematics with numbers in colour’ C. Gattegno). I pursued this further supporting a partnership of secondary schools to develop algebraic reasoning and proportional reasoning. Using evidence from ‘Key Ideas in teaching Mathematics’ (years 9 -19, A Watson, K Jones and D Pratt) as a basis for developing effective representations and structures.

Most recently as a Principal Educational Advisor in Dorset I have been an ardent supporter of partnership working to secure a clear strategy for school improvement. I have work closely with Teaching Schools, Phase Leader Associations and the RSC to identify regional and sub regional priorities through the Sub Regional Improvement Board and Local Standards Board. Openness and transparency have been crucial in devising a strategy.
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