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Username : petegriffin
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Joined : 29 June 2006
Interests : I began my career as a secondary teacher of mathematics and taught in secondary schools for 8 years, firstly in North London and then in Hertfordshire. I moved into Local Authority advisory work in 1986 first as an advisory teacher and then as a mathematics adviser and remained in this role for 20 years, working in two large local authorities (with a brief secondment to work at the Open University as a lecturer in mathematics education from 1988 to 1990).

I joined the National Centre in 2006, initially as the regional coordinator for the South West. I am now an Assistant Director in the Secondary strand team and am involved with others in running the Secondary Mastery Specialist programme.

I am a great believer in the benefit of being in a vibrant professional learning community and am an active member of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM), the Mathematical Association (MA), the National Association of Mathematics Advisers (NAMA) and the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). My particular interest is in the process of professional learning and in what scenarios, frameworks and activities support this most effectively.
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Region : East Midlands, East of England, International, London, National, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber
Sector : Adult Community Learning, Early Years Foundation Stage Settings, Further Education College, Initial Teacher Education, Local Authority, Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form College, Special Education Needs
Role : Advanced Skills Teacher, Functional Skills Teacher, Governor, Head of Mathematics / Mathematics Coordinators, Learning Support Staff / Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Newly Qualified Teacher, Senior Leader, Subject Learning Coach, Trainee Teacher
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14-19 Mathematics: Achieving Together
A community of teachers who took part in ‘14-19 Mathematics: Achieving Together’ (Ofsted/NCETM conference Nov 06). They have begun journeys of collaborative professional development in their schools/colleges & with colleagues in partner institutions. If you wish to know more, please contact Jane Imrie jane.imrie@ncetm.org.uk or Jane Jones HMI jane.jones@ofsted.gov.uk
10 14/02/08
Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) Teacher Network
To continue its leading role in generating debate and influencing mathematics education policy, ACME is interested to know the views of mathematics teachers. This is a network for teachers of mathematics to discuss and debate key issues in mathematics education. Join this community to share your views and find out more on how you can influence policy.
173 11/08/12
ATM Camborne Branch (West Cornwall)
This is a community for anyone in the Cornwall area who would like to join our regular Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) local branch meetings
28 25/06/08
Bringing Maths & Science Together
January saw the first meeting of the Y&H STEM Collaborative Project Group. The meeting allowed Maths and Science Teachers to talk to each other about common themes. Please join in out discussion about working together or have you been involved in interesting work with Science Teachers.
4 13/03/07
This community has been set up to bring together a number of discussion threads from within other communities about contextualisation - and of course, to start new discussions.
14 08/02/08
Expert Seminars
A Community for those who attended one of the four Expert Seminars run by NCETM during April 2007, and for others interested in joining and/or reading the discussions and/or documentation
1 15/05/07
Functional Mathematics
A team in the North East of England is developing Professional Development materials for Functional maths to help teachers prepare for changes to the curriculum in 2010. If you would like to be involved in the collection and/or piloting of materials please join the community.
86 07/02/08
GLA Project Staff Community
Closed community for the GLA Project Staff Community
1 17/04/13
History of Mathematics
How does the history of mathematics help pupils learn mathematics? This is one of those questions which turns up again and again – and there are many answers to it! This community is aimed at discussing the HOWs and WHYs of using the history of mathematics in everyday teaching, and showing how this contextual tool can help make mathematics more meaningful, enjoyable, and above all fun!
84 17/07/07
Influential Mathematics Teachers community
This community gives a central place for Influential Mathematics Teachers to share ideas and resources and to form networks across the country.
291 08/10/08
Learning Together in Hungary
This community is aimed at teachers who have recently visited Hungary and want to continue sharing their experiences and applying their findings to their own classrooms. In particular, we will be trying to find out exactly what it is that makes children in Hungary so good at maths when they don't start formal schooling until they are 6 to 7 years old and lessons finish at 12 noon!
8 13/07/07
Lesson Study
The "Teaching Gap" by Stigler and Hiebert highlights the success of lesson study in Japan, but can this be translated to this country? This community is aimed at those groups of teachers who want to know more about it, and who are willing to share their own journey of discovery with others. It is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who really want to find out for themselves.
32 13/03/07
Linked Pair Pilot Forum
The linked pair of GCSEs will encompass the requirements of the single qualification while ensuring a richer experience of mathematics, increased recognition of achievement and encouraging further study.
68 24/08/11
MaST National Community
The NCETM recognises the high level of skills and expertise that MaST teachers have. We would like to keep in contact and support you in your role. In particular we would like to ensure that you have the necessary information and resources to support other teachers to implement the new curriculum.
248 24/01/13
Mathematical vocabulary and maths talk
A community welcoming anyone who has an interest in research on mathematical vocabulary, maths language and mathematical talk. Please feel welcome to share ideas, thoughts, resources and experiences. This community is open to anyone that has an interest in this area
16 05/10/07
Mathematics Consultants
This is a community for Mathematics Consultants working in Primary and Secondary schools. Use this community to talk about teaching and learning Mathematics, to ask questions, to share activities and resources, to discuss any research that you're involved with and to make other consultants aware of anything that you've done or are doing that you think might be of interest to them.
124 18/07/06
Mathematics in Special Schools Conferences
This 'hidden' community is for those attending the national conference 'Mathematics in Special Schools; the way forward'
43 13/07/09
Mathematics Specialist Leaders in Education
A community for Mathematics Specialist Leaders in Education.
36 27/05/12
Maths and Science TA Network
A network run by Teaching Assistants to raise the professional profile of TAs particularly within Mathematics & Sciences. This network will primarily be a discussion forum/resource hub for Bradford LA's Maths and Science Teaching Assistant Network meetings, to continue dialogue between sessions. We encourage TAs from any location to join and network with likeminded committed, professional TAs.
25 11/08/11
Maths Hubs - Archimedes NE
An online community for the Archimedes NE Maths Hub
3 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Boolean
An online community for the Boolean Maths Hub
13 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - Bucks, Berks and Oxon
An online community for the Bucks, Berks and Oxon Maths Hub
19 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Cambridge
An online community for the Cambridge Maths Hub
28 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Central
An online community for the Central Maths Hub
135 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - Cornwall and West Devon
An online community for the Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub
18 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - East Midlands East
An online community for the East Midlands East Maths Hub
1 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - East Midlands South
An online community for the East Midlands South Maths Hub
4 03/02/16
Maths Hubs - East Midlands West
An online community for the East Midlands West Maths Hub
16 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Enigma
An online community for the Enigma Maths Hub
7 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - GLOW
An online community for the GLOW Maths Hub
35 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - Great North
An online community for the Great North Maths Hub
5 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Jurassic
An online community for the Jurassic Maths Hub
7 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - London Central and NW
An online community for the London Central and NW Maths Hub
13 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - London Central and West
An online community for the London Central and West Maths Hub
17 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - London North East
An online community for the London North East Maths Hub
23 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - London South East
An online community for the London South East Maths Hub
20 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - London South West
An online community for the London South West Maths Hub
7 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - London Thames
An online community for the London Thames Maths Hub
22 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Matrix Essex and Herts
An online community for the Matrix Essex and Herts Maths Hub
14 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Norfolk and Suffolk
An online community for the Norfolk and Suffolk Maths Hub
16 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - North Mids and Peaks
An online community for the North Mids and Peaks Maths Hub
10 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - North West One
An online community for the North West One Maths Hub
9 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - North West Three
An online community for the North West Three Maths Hub
10 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - North West Two
An online community for the North West Two Maths Hub
8 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - SHaW
An online community for the SHaW Maths Hub
54 11/09/14
Maths Hubs - Solent
An online community for the Solent Maths Hub
20 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - South Yorkshire
An online community for the South Yorkshire Maths Hub
46 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Surrey Plus
An online community for the Surrey Plus Maths Hub
3 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Sussex
An online community for the Sussex Maths Hub
4 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - White Rose
An online community for the White Rose Maths Hub
6 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Yorkshire and the Humber
An online community for the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub
23 22/10/14
Maths Hubs - Yorkshire Ridings
An online community for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub
6 22/10/14
Maths in Swindon
A community for anyone interested in maths teaching in Swindon
16 06/01/09
Maths Trails
Mathematics is not a closed box. It does not exist in isolation, and as with all things, it needs to interact with other subjects if it is to flourish. A maths trail creates natural links to many other subjects in the curriculum. In working collaboratively, staff can support each other, benefiting from the wealth of good practice they have to offer.
20 14/02/08
Meridian Branch - ATM/MA
A hidden community for all members to communicate and share information
14 25/02/11
MK Creative Maths Network
The group looks at maths lessons and livens them up with activities that promote deeper learning and fun! The activities are usually active and often outside the classroom.
62 06/03/12
NCETM CPD Standard Holders
This community is for all holders of the NCETM CPD Standard
NCETM International Research Conference
NCETM members are invited to use this community to work together and share comments and ideas, further to our event, held 14-16 February 2007 at The British Library, London
9 13/03/07
One to One Tuition
A special interest group for discussion of one to one tuition.
143 14/01/10
Primary Mastery Forum
A community for all those interested in collaborating around a shared curriculum map that gives us and our students time for concepts to be mastered in depth then built on. A space to debate, to discuss, to share and to question. Just click on ‘Join’ to join in!
2 11/09/14
Professional Learning Community (PLC)
A professional community of learners can be defined as a school or college in which the teachers and its administrators continuously seek and share learning, and act on their learning. The goal of their actions is to enhance their effectiveness as professionals for the students' benefit.
6 13/01/07
Resitting GCSE Mathematics
A community to support those teaching students who are resitting GCSE Mathematics, where you can share ideas, documents, resources, research and information. Those completing the Maths Enhancement Programme are encouraged to join this community.
152 10/12/12
SLE support materials
This is a closed community for all those involved in the NCETM project developing support materials for SLEs.
13 15/05/12
South West Regional Advisory Committee
South West Regional Advisory Committee.
4 29/11/10
South West Teachers' Community
This is a forum for teachers across the SW to share stories about their teaching in a supportive and developmental atmosphere. The idea is to stimulate debate about the learning and teaching of mathematics. It is a "members only" community because we want people to opt in to it. However, applying to be a member is very simple: just click "Join" and be prepared to share your practice with others
15 25/01/07
Statistics Teacher Network
A support and professional development network for new and experienced teachers of statistics.
71 19/09/08
The 4x project - Phase 2
This community is in conjunction with a project providing support, resources, teaching ideas and collaborative opportunities for Teachers of Mathematics across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.
14 09/10/08
The Consultation Community
The Consultation Community is for delegates who attended the Excellence in Mathematics Leadership event at NCSL on Friday 3rd April. You can post any ideas for improvements, amendments or future additions, to the consultation materials. The EiML site will go live during August.
40 20/04/09
The Cornwall Post-16 Project
The aim of this community is to provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing of classroom practice for all members of the project team. There is also the facility to upload and share resources produced as part of the project
65 10/01/07
Watch and Learn
Watching and listening to how others teach maths can help us understand how we can improve our own teaching. This community is all about using video to improve Professional Development.
4 15/06/07
West Midlands Teachers' Community
A supportive and developmental forum for teachers across the WM to work together, to debate and discuss the learning and teaching of mathematics, to share ideas and experiences and questions and resources. What are you working on? What do you want to know about? Just click on ‘Join’ and join in!
250 17/09/07
What would you like to see on Teachers' TV for maths?
This was a time-limited forum to share ideas and comments about current and future mathematics programmes for Teachers' TV. Thank you for all contributions: they were forwarded to Teachers' TV at the beginning of April 2007.