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Unit 10 - 3 weeks

The PowerPoint file contains slides you can use in the classroom to support each of the learning outcomes for this unit, listed below.

The slides are comprehensively linked to associated pedagogical guidance in the NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development materials. There are also links to the ready-to-progress criteria detailed in the DfE Primary Mathematics Guidance 2020.

Learning outcomes

# Title
1 Pupils compare the size of angles where there is a clear visual difference
2 Pupils use the terms acute, obtuse and reflex when describing the size of angles or amount of rotation with relation to right angles
3 Pupils use a unit called degrees (°) as a standard unit to measure angles
4 Pupils estimate the size of angles in degrees using angle sets
5 Pupils measure the size of angles accurately using a protractor


  • Primary
  • KS2
  • Year 5
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