Professional Development

Discover ways to develop your classroom practice and pedagogy

What we mean by CPD

When we talk about continuing professional development or CPD, we mean the ongoing activities that a teacher undertakes to improve their classroom practice and pedagogy. These activities are particularly effective when they involve collaboration, and teachers plan lessons based on knowledge and materials shared and developed by them, their peers, and experts.

Collaboration is also more likely to lead to improvement across a department or school. That’s why the Work Group model of professional development puts as much emphasis on a teacher’s routine practice in school as it does on out-of-school activity. And it’s why we encourage all teachers to join a Maths Hub Work Group so they and their school can embed change that lasts.

CPD Opportunities

Work Groups

Discover what is involved in a Work Group, and why it leads to lasting improvements

Maths Hubs Projects

Each year, more than twenty different projects are available through your local Maths Hub

PD Leads

Get accredited as an NCETM Professional Development Lead and enhance your CPD delivery

Leaders of maths

The School Development Lead Programme is for those who lead maths in schools beyond their own

School leaders

Are you a headteacher or school leader wanting to know more about the free professional development offered by the NCETM and your local Maths Hub? Discover what teaching for mastery means, and the professional development available so your school can begin its mastery journey.

Departmental CPD

Departmental Workshops

Collaborative professional development sessions for maths departments or other groups of secondary teachers

Multiplicative Reasoning

A model for professional development, giving teachers the tools and resources to develop multiplicative reasoning skills in KS3 students

Research study modules

Ten study modules enabling you to access, understand and engage with academic research articles

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