Mean average

Unit 13 – 1 week

Primary KS2 Year 6

The PowerPoint file contains slides you can use in the classroom to support each of the learning outcomes for this unit, listed below.

The slides are comprehensively linked to associated pedagogical guidance in the NCETM Primary Mastery Professional Development materials. There are also links to the ready-to-progress criteria detailed in the DfE Primary Mathematics Guidance 2020.

Learning outcomes

1 Pupils explain the relationship between the mean and sharing equally
2 Pupils explain how to calculate the mean of a set of data
3 Pupils explain how the mean changes when the total quantity or number of values changes
4 Pupils explain how to calculate the mean when one of the values in the data set is zero or missing
5 Pupils explain how to use the mean to make comparisons between two sets of information
6 Pupils explain when the mean is not an appropriate representation of a set of data