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DfE guidance on teaching maths at KS3

What the guidance consists of and how it aligns with other NCETM resources

DfE guidance on teaching maths at KS3

At the start of the 2021/22 school year, the DfE published new guidance for teaching maths at KS3, written by the Secondary Team at the NCETM. The guidance is wholly aligned with all the individual resources and recommended teaching approaches that have appeared on the NCETM website at different times during the previous few years.

The short video below offers a summary of what’s in the guidance.

In this podcast discussion, the NCETM's Secondary Director, Carol Knights, gives a detailed breakdown of what's in the guidance, and how schools might use it. A head of maths at a MAT also explains how her schools are starting to engage with it.

Among the areas here on the NCETM website that complement sections of the guidance are:

You may also be interested in our pages complementing the DfE’s guidance for teaching maths in primary schools.


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