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Insights from experienced teachers

Pairs of teachers explore small sections of the mastery materials in depth

Insights from experienced teachers

This set of videos models the sort of professional conversations that the materials might stimulate. The conversations occur between pairs of teachers (including experienced Secondary Mastery Specialists) and focus on specific sections of the materials, drawing out the ideas and connections that provoked them to think more deeply.

They also discuss how some of the questions might provoke deeper understanding amongst students in the classroom. We encourage these sort of conversations within maths departments and across schools, both in person and online. All the videos feature online conversations as they were recorded in summer 2020. 


  1. Moving from number to algebra
    – Andrea Wickham and Amanda Mckay
  2. Thinking deeply and reasoning with statistics
    – Kevin Styles and Jayne Watts
  3. Thinking deeply about significant figures
    – Emily Curtis-Harper and Vicky Wheelhouse
  4. Understanding the structure of number and number operations
    – Sara Sinnerton and Helen Billinge
  5. Structures of addition and subtraction: negative numbers
    – Steve Harvey and Matt Panchal
  6. Use of representations in teaching place value, directed number and multiplying fractions
    – Mark Robson and Ross Garvey
  7. Understanding mathematical structure behind simplifying fractions, and ruler and compass constructions
    – Vicci Marshall and Nick Bunney

The video below is the first in a playlist. Click on the dropdown option below to view the other available videos. If you wish to download any of the videos, you can do so from the Vimeo showcase


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  • KS3
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