Marking Guidance

Guidance documents to enable effective marking and feedback

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Marking Guidance

Working with teachers and Maths Hubs, we have produced two marking guidance documents. One supports primary school teachers, and the other is for secondary teachers.

Whatever phase you teach, part of your job is to help children know whether their independent work in exercise books is right or wrong. Your marking then helps them use that knowledge to correct or deepen their understanding.

Marking can be both verbal and written. Our documents highlight the difference between what you write in pupils’ books and the verbal feedback you give. They also distinguish between what you do to correct a simple slip in a pupil’s working, and what is done in response to something that reflects a lack of understanding.

Effective marking and feedback enables pupils to develop and consolidate their understanding of maths. Our Director, Charlie Stripp, has written a blog post on this, and what Ofsted think about our marking guidance.

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