Five reasons to visit the NCETM Q&C Twitter account

Secondary maths teachers will find up-to-date qualifications and curriculum info all in one place


Five reasons to visit the NCETM Q&C Twitter account

Keeping track of all the qualifications, curriculum requirements, exams and assessment details isn’t easy, even for the most organised head of maths. And with the world of education changing as fast as it is currently, keeping up is harder than ever. To give you one less thing to worry about, why not visit the NCETM’s Qualifications and Curriculum (Q&C) page on Twitter. It features updates on everything related to qualifications and curriculum in secondary maths, and is updated regularly. We think there are at least five good reasons to see what’s there!

  1. It’s got everything in one place
    Any news from Ofqual, the DfE and all the exam boards is shared with details of the key messages highlighted. Rather than cluttering up your inbox with emails from a range of organisations, you only need look at one Twitter account.
  2. It’s designed for heads of department and leaders of maths
    The maths-specific information is directly relevant to secondary HoDs and TLR holders, because we know you are responsible for keeping abreast of any developments related to your students’ qualifications. If it could affect you, your department, and the students you teach, you’ll find it at the Q&C Twitter account.
  3. It’s easy to share with colleagues or your line manager
    Got a line manager who is not a maths teacher but wants to understand your curriculum better? Or departmental colleagues keen to support you with managing qualifications? You can share an individual tweet or details of the Q&C Twitter account with them, and know that you are all on the same page when it comes to staying updated and in the know.
  4. It’s fully accessible even if you’re not on Twitter
    You don’t need a Twitter account of your own to visit the Q&C page. Anyone can view it and see all the updates and retweets. If you do have a Twitter account, you can follow Q&C to be sure you don’t miss anything, but if you just want to visit Twitter from your internet browser without using the app, that works too.
  5. It’s regularly updated
    With information from plenty of important bodies including the DfE, Ofqual, Ofsted, the exam boards and subject associations, you’ll get all the key information. We highlight announcements, blogs, documentation and guidance that secondary heads of department and maths teachers need to know.

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