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Teachers helping teachers, wherever they are

How the latest lockdown has led to an outpouring of no-strings generosity across the maths education landscape

Teachers helping teachers, wherever they are
  • Published: 14/01/2021

One noticeable feature during this second school closures period is the amount of teachers going out of their way to share resources and tips for remote teaching with colleagues around the country.

Social media is full of teachers freely and openly making the fruits of their hard work and accumulated experience available to anyone teaching maths.

At the NCETM, we’ve tried to make a small contribution to this collaborative atmosphere by passing on, via our own Twitter account, a couple of examples a day of generous offers that we spot. Here’s a selection from the first week or so.

Activities for use in lessons

Getting the most out of technology

Promoting student interaction and marking their work

  • Getting students to interact more when they’re sitting behind their screen at home. This teacher contributes a range of tactics
  • One simple tip to help students keep a teacher informed about their progress through an activity
  • A secondary maths teacher has turned ‘normal’ end-of-unit tests into self-marking Desmos activities.

Share helpful posts yourself

If you see anything on Twitter that looks worthy of sharing widely, you could re-tweet it using the #MathsTeachingIdeas hashtag. You could also tag us @NCETM, or just email us at info@ncetm.org.uk including a link to the post that caught your eye.

Let’s keep this mutual support going!

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