Secondary Mastery Specialists

Become a Mastery Specialist in the secondary phase

Want to become an expert in teaching for mastery and work towards taking it beyond your own school? Train to become a Secondary Mastery Specialist. In this role you will receive fully funded training from experts, develop your own expertise, and then support others.

The Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme began in 2016/17. It is currently smaller than the primary programme and more exploratory in nature, but the number of Secondary Mastery Specialists is growing all the time.

What is involved?

  • Year One: you attend three residential training events and concentrate on your own classroom teaching.
  • Year Two: you help spread mastery teaching approaches across your department.
  • Year Three: you support two other local schools along the same route. 

All the time, you keep in touch with counterparts across the country in online groups. You can share experiences and continue developmental conversations.

As part of the Mastery Specialist Programme, you will also work to achieve NCETM PD Lead status.

What is the cost?

The Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

How can you find out more?

Hear from Mastery Specialists in our videos below. Find out more about mastery in our case studies. And take a look at the Mastery Specialist Programme in more detail in this diagram.

This video was produced in 2018/19. It describes the programme in more detail and lets you hear from teachers in some of the schools involved.

What should you do next?

Get in touch with your local Maths Hub to find out about more about this opportunity.

In the 2017 summer term, we asked some Mastery Specialists for examples of what was changing at their schools as a result of their participation in the programme. They told us about work both in their own classrooms, and with colleagues in maths departments. These short videos are the result. Each video is no more than three minutes long. 

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Can I take part?

The round of applications for 2020 has now closed

Project Code

NCP 20-03 & NCP 20-04

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