Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics - Secondary (Non-specialists)

Develop mathematical subject knowledge and understand the pedagogy that underpins the teaching of it

This project is designed to support non-specialist teachers teaching maths in a secondary school in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support students in maths in the classroom. It replaces the earlier TSST programme.

If you are a headteacher or senior leader, and want to know more about the programme and its suitability for teachers in your school, watch this video.

Who can take part?

This programme is for non-specialist teachers of maths in state-funded schools who fit the following definition:

"A non-specialist teacher of mathematics is a teacher in a state-funded school or college that is currently teaching some mathematics or has commitment from a headteacher/executive head to teach some mathematics within the next year, who has not undertaken Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in mathematics."

If there is sufficient space in the cohort, other teachers of maths who do not fit this definition but would benefit from this support may also participate.

What is involved?

The programme is aligned to the NCETM teaching for mastery pedagogy and is based on six key themes:

  • Structure of the number system
  • Operating on number
  • Multiplicative reasoning
  • Sequences and graphs
  • Statistics and probability
  • Geometry.

Participants will explore these themes, supported by an experienced secondary practitioner.

We have produced a flyer which summarises the programme and its benefits. Download it to share with colleagues.

What will you learn?

Participants will:

  • explore and increase their use of a range of pedagogic approaches consistent with teaching for mastery
  • increase their confidence in planning for progression in maths
  • improve their subject and curriculum knowledge of secondary maths with a particular emphasis on mathematical structures in key areas.

What do participants think?

  • “I am finding it really useful to see different ways of explaining or teaching concepts” – Su
  • “I find this really helpful […] it’s the ways to deliver the content that I find most useful, and correcting my misconceptions” – Phil
  • “It's making me see the different ways that concepts can be approached” – Jane
  • “My subject knowledge has gaps in maths – I am learning a great deal” – Francesca
  • “It’s helping me build confidence, in particular with using correct vocabulary and learning different ways of delivering certain topics” – Carl

What is the cost?

The SKTM Secondary Non-specialists project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

What should you do next?

Complete the Expression of Interest form and your local Maths Hub will contact you with more details. There is the possibility of a January or Easter start for the programme as there will be more than one cohort.

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Can I take part?

Yes - contact your local hub

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