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Checkpoints – new diagnostic classroom activities for Year 7

A year’s worth of resources and professional development are being produced to support secondary maths teachers

Checkpoints – new diagnostic classroom activities for Year 7
  • Published: 28/06/2021

Many students starting secondary school in September this year will have had their last two years at primary school considerably disrupted. In order to help secondary maths teachers assess students’ understanding and identify any gaps, new activities called Checkpoints are being produced. They will be available from the middle of July.

Checkpoints are diagnostic activities, designed to help teachers see what mathematical understanding Year 7 students have retained from primary school, and which topics will require additional work. There will be enough for three activities a week for the whole school year. Each set of PowerPoint slides will also include comprehensive guidance and advice for teachers.

So teachers can get the most out of the activities and guidance, there will be accompanying professional development seminars. These will be timed around the release of each batch of Checkpoints, and are open to all teachers of Year 7 maths in England.

To download the activities and sign up for the professional development, visit the Checkpoints webpage.

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