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September 2018 issue of Bespoke published

Up-to-date news from the Maths Hubs Programme

  • Published: 12/09/2018

The latest issue of Bespoke has been published, bringing up-to-date news from the Maths Hubs Programme as we start another school year. This issue highlights the opportunities for teachers, of all school and college phases, to join professional development projects taking place during 2018-2019.

Click the image below to open Bespoke.

Also in this issue:

  • an update on support available for teachers and schools offering A level and Core Maths
  • tips for recent NCETM podcasts that reflect Maths Hubs work.

To find out what a Maths Hub near you is doing, and opportunities to join their work in 2018-2019, find contact details here.

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