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January's Secondary Round-up is out

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available

January's Secondary Round-up is out
  • Published: 22/01/2020
  • Calculators at A level – ten calculations students should be able to do on a calculator and why
  • Completing the square using algebra tiles – area representations to help illuminate algebraic multiplication
  • Podcast: What mastery has done for our school – if you saw Jenny Laurie’s article last term, hear her in person in our interview
  • Dr Eugenia Cheng rethinks gender and maths – Want to use more concrete equipment but not sure how? Our videos and guidance documents could help
  • Royal Institution Christmas Lectures – this year mathematical, accessible and fabulous. Catch them on the BBC iPlayer

All this is in the January issue of our Secondary Round-up, which comes to you on the fourth Friday of every month. Previous issues are all available in the Secondary Round-up archive.

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