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Maths curriculum resources available from Oak National Academy

Developed by MEI, Oak’s materials are for both primary and secondary schools

Maths curriculum resources available from Oak National Academy
  • Published: 19/10/2023

New curriculum plans and early-release lessons from Oak National Academy have been published for primary and secondary maths. All resources are being developed by MEI, who are consulting with the NCETM to ensure that curricula and lesson plans are fully consistent with teaching for mastery.

Materials are available for pupils in Key Stages 1-4, and provide adaptable, coherently sequenced units to allow pupils to develop a deep, sustained understanding of maths. Coherence is at the centre of the design of the materials, and the key threads that run throughout reflect the structure of the National Curriculum, allowing teachers to track the development of key knowledge and skills. Lesson materials include slide decks, videos, worksheets and quizzes.

Everything available from Oak National Academy is quality checked. All resources are free to download, and adaptable to make them bespoke to the needs of pupils. Visit the Oak National Academy website to learn more.

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