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Maths Hubs Programme annual report for 2022/23 published

A report on another full year in the Maths Hubs Programme reflects activity across all phases in England's schools

Maths Hubs Programme annual report for 2022/23 published
  • Published: 31/10/2023

We’ve published a new report summarising the work of Maths Hubs during the academic year 2022/23.

The report covers activity in all school phases from Early Years to post-16, and hears from participants in a range of professional development programmes. It also includes a section dedicated to those who leads Maths Hubs' work, known as local leaders of mathematics education (LLMEs), and a wide variety of statistics showing the scale of the work during one year.

Want to point colleagues towards the report? Download it using the link above or find it on the main page of the Maths Hubs section of the website.

Interested in getting involved? To find out which of these types of activities you and your school can participate in this year or next, contact your local Maths Hub.

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