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NCETM Newsletter - May 2019

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NCETM Newsletter - May 2019
  • Published: 21/05/2019

There's still time to join two types of fully funded mastery professional development activities with your local Maths Hub in 2019/20 - find out more in this Newsletter.

Also this month:

CPD opportunities in teaching for mastery for next year still open

Places are still available for primary and secondary teachers to join two types of professional development activities in the academic year starting in September. Individual teachers can train to become Mastery Specialists, and schools can nominate a pair of teachers to join a Maths Hub Work Group, with the aim of improving the way maths is taught across the school.

Open to all state schools in England, the professional development is fully funded, with additional contributions to pay for teacher release time.

Application deadlines vary between programmes. Find out more and apply.

News from the Maths Hubs Programme

The latest issue of Bespoke has been published. It previews the two new Maths Hubs launching shortly in the North West, and those planned for the West Midlands, Essex and Wiltshire.

There a handy summary of everything Maths Hubs are doing for secondary schools in the area of teaching for mastery. You can also read a feature on how Maths Hubs are working with Outstanding primary schools to introduce teaching for mastery, and find out why Ofsted like what they see.

Our Features section continues to expand

We’ve added more articles to our Features section in the last few weeks. Find out what one primary teacher has done to improve children's confidence by engaging parents in learning maths. Also, a primary maths lead talks about what social media offers to inspire, support and challenge his ways of teaching maths. And a secondary teacher recounts how he learnt something from a student during a lesson on congruent triangles.

Read more

Essential website maintenance

The NCETM website will be unavailable from 7.45pm until 9.15pm on Tuesday 21 May (tonight!), as we’re carrying out some essential maintenance at that time.

In brief

  • Have you heard of the DfE’s early career payments pilot for secondary maths teachers? If you started your training (ITT) this academic year, or are due to start in 2019/20, you could be eligible for two payments, of up to £7,500, in the third and fifth years of teaching after you’ve qualified. Find out more.
  • NRICH is holding two free webinars on 11 June for pupils aged 9-13 and their teachers. Once pupils have engaged with a problem, members of the NRICH team will showcase some of the submitted work and suggest next steps. There’s more information and details of how to register on the NRICH website.
  • Our colleagues at MEI recently published their Newsletter. It includes an update from the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), and details of upcoming Core Maths conferences across the country, as well as professional development for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics teachers.
  • Nesta has launched Solving Together, a £40,000 fund looking to support new digital interventions, which aim to help secondary age students get better at maths—possibly with involvement from their parents. The fund is open to all sorts of organisations. The deadline for applications is 24 June.
  • Have you ever thought an apprenticeship in data science might be the best option for your students who get a Grade 4 or above at GCSE maths, but who don’t go down the Core Maths or A level route? If so, you might be interested in some thinking currently underway by an Oxford maths professor and a group of companies across the economy. If you’d like to find out more, please email pds@maths.ox.ac.uk.

Please do contact us if you have any comments on this newsletter.

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