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NCETM’s Deputy Director, Jane Imrie, retires

  • Published: 09/10/2019

The NCETM’s Deputy Director, Jane Imrie, who has been with the organisation since its launch in 2006, and closely involved with maths education for her entire working life, is to retire at the end of this month (October 2019).

For the first half of her career, Jane worked as a teacher and manager in schools and colleges in Yorkshire, Durham and Devon. Around the turn of the millennium, Jane moved into various curriculum and policy roles for government agencies, most notably with the Standards Unit at the DfES, forerunner of today’s Department for Education. Throughout her career she has been an active member of mathematics subject associations, and served as president of the Mathematical Association in 2009/10.

The NCETM’s Director, Charlie Stripp, has known Jane since they worked together as teachers at Exeter College in the 1990s:

‘Jane has made a superb contribution to maths education throughout her career, as an inspirational classroom teacher, a calm and very effective manager and a highly respected leader who has influenced the development of maths education at a national level. Her work has been underpinned by her commitment and passion to raise the standard of maths education and so improve the life-chances of young people, and her belief in the power of teachers of maths, working collaboratively, to achieve this. She has been a fantastic colleague and will be greatly missed. I wish her all the best for her retirement.’ 
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