New CPD opportunities for KS3 teachers

Support your Year 7s and develop students’ multiplicative reasoning skills


New CPD opportunities for KS3 teachers

High-quality maths teaching at KS3 prepares students for their GCSEs and beyond, and a strong foundation ensures that they tackle future maths learning with confidence. That’s why this year we are offering two new professional development opportunities for teachers of KS3 maths. 

Securing Foundations at Year 7 is for teachers working with those Year 7 students who have not met age-related expectations in maths, particularly students whose attainment was in the bottom 20-30% of the national cohort at the end of KS2. Both experienced and novice teachers are welcome to take part in this project.

It provides participants with professional development and resources, so they are better equipped with knowledge of both the curriculum and pedagogy their students will have experienced at KS1 and KS2. Teachers will benefit from exploring high-quality CPD resources designed by experts in the pedagogy and expectations of maths at both KS2 and KS3.

Sustaining Teaching for Mastery Work Groups are available to all schools that have previously taken part in Development Work Groups, and this year they are offering something new. In 2024/25, participating schools can focus on developing fluency with multiplicative reasoning in KS3. Multiplicative reasoning underpins approximately two thirds of the content of GCSE Maths, and this focus will allow departments to fully understand its implications for KS3 teaching. 

This new opportunity to explore developing fluency is open to all schools involved in the Sustaining phase of teaching for mastery, which includes any schools who have previously been involved in Development, even if they have taken a break since starting their mastery journey.

What are you waiting for? To find out more about participating in one of these opportunities in your area, contact your local Maths Hub.