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New email round-up launched for secondary teachers

We have just launched the Secondary Round-up

  • Published: 25/01/2019

We have just launched the Secondary Round-up. Following on from the refresh of our primary and Early Years email earlier this month, our secondary mailing has also had a makeover. Previously called the Secondary Magazine, the Round-up brings you some of the best content from our website and across the world of secondary and FE maths teaching.

With a fresh new look and some great features and articles to help you in the classroom, we think you’ll like it. We will highlight content that is useful for leaders of maths, as well as ideas that you can use in your teaching every day.

You will receive the Round-up on the fourth Friday of every month. It will feature articles, news and resources which are up to date and carefully selected. 

If you aren’t yet signed up to receive the Round-up, it’s easy to do. Just enter your email address on the signup form at the bottom of this page.

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