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Ofsted report into maths teaching published

Ofsted has published a report into how maths is taught, along with its recommendations about the subject

Ofsted report into maths teaching published
  • Published: 13/07/2023

A new subject report into maths teaching, Coordinating mathematical success, has been published by Ofsted this week. The full report identifies a range of points, including:

  • Schools can benefit from adopting a consistent approach to designing and implementing the curriculum, with an emphasis on content and ‘small steps’ sequencing
  • Pupils need to learn strategies to solve different types of problems, and teaching should be planned to allow them to develop a range of strategies over time so that they are able to select an effective and appropriate strategy
  • Teachers, including non-specialists, should receive the necessary professional development, including subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogical knowledge, to teach maths effectively
  • Schools and teachers should focus on securing learning, only moving on to the next conceptual step when pupils are ready, whilst also not limiting access to further mathematical content based upon external assessment criteria.

NCETM Director, Charlie Stripp, commented:

"The NCETM welcomes Ofsted’s report into maths teaching. The report recognises the progress that has been made in improving maths pedagogy and access to subject-specific professional development, while acknowledging serious challenges, especially in the recruitment and retention of specialist secondary maths teachers. The recommendations are clear and sensible, offering practical advice on measures to improve pupils’ ability to learn and use mathematics.

"All teachers of maths, and school and college leaders, should read the report."

The full report is available to read and download.

Our short video below summarises the key findings.

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