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Our Primary Round-up for July is out!

Our latest Primary Round-up is now available

Our Primary Round-up for July is out!
  • Published: 05/07/2019
  • What have you missed? What's coming up? – we’ve produced a summary of our publications in 2018/19, and we look ahead to what's coming in 2019/20
  • More Mastery Professional Development Materials – designed to support co-planning, we've started publishing Spine 3, Fractions
  • ‘Not working in ability groups has been a revelation!’ – a school in Leeds explains why they removed ‘ability’ grouping for maths and what has changed
  • Podcasts – maths education chat, on the move!
  • TES article: How we almost eliminated marking - a deputy head in West Sussex explains how his school’s reduced-marking policy leads to better feedback for pupils, and frees up teachers' time.

All this is in the July issue of our Primary Round-up. Previous issues are all available in the Primary Round-up archive.

The Primary Round-up is taking a break over the summer, but we’ll be back with you in September.

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