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Primary Round-up April 2021

Our latest Primary Round-up is now available

Primary Round-up April 2021
  • Published: 20/04/2021

This month's Primary Round-up points to resources for Early Years, both old and new, and looks at ways to use our resources in curriculum prioritisation.

  • Numberblocks – brand new support materials for the classroom, covering Series 3
  • Early Years pages – how young children can be supported in early mathematical understanding
  • Five-minute video – showing how our ready-to-progress slides might be used with small groups for review, practice and consolidation
  • Why prioritise in maths this term? – a maths lead explains what and how her school are prioritising
  • How far has your chocolate bar travelled? – MEI classroom resources for teaching averages.

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Previous editions are available on the News & Features page.

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