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Primary Round-up - January 2022

Our latest Primary Round-up is now available

Primary Round-up - January 2022
  • Published: 14/01/2022

Our first Primary Round-up of the new year features our newly-complete Curriculum Prioritisation resource:

  • Fractions - how learning of fractions is sequenced through the Years 1-6 mapping of our Curriculum Prioritisation resource
  • Explainer video - a quick way in to the resource, demonstrating all its main features in a two-minute tour
  • Explore the resource - now it's complete, you can see all the units for your year group, or take a look at the overview for planning your primary curriculum
  • Early Career Teacher and wanting to improve your maths? - a dedicated Maths Hubs CPD opportunity exists near you
  • International Day of Mathematics 2022 - send in your photos for their photo challenge.

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Previous editions are available on the News & Features page.

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