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Secondary CPD and resources from Maths Hubs and the NCETM summarised

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Secondary CPD and resources from Maths Hubs and the NCETM summarised
  • Published: 06/10/2021

There are 15 CPD opportunities and dozens of online resources available to secondary maths teachers and departments through the NCETM and Maths Hubs. You might not have decided yet which ones are right for your school this year.

To summarise what’s on offer – and to explain how it meets your department’s needs, who it’s for, and what accompanying resources are available – we have produced a useful new A3 summary flyer.

The flyer includes details of each Maths Hub’s CPD offering and explains who can take part. It also details any related resources that can be accessed for free on the NCETM website, and has links to all the resources and projects.

Why not download the flyer now and share it with colleagues in your school and beyond? You can also find details of all this year’s Maths Hubs projects at What Maths Hubs are doing. And to sign up for any of the CPD projects, get in touch with your local Maths Hub.

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